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3 Places For Finding Wildlife In and Around Sydney

3 Places For Finding Wildlife In and Around Sydney

There are many unique natural attractions in Australia including the red hills of the Outback, the rainforests in Queensland, and of course, the kangaroos and koalas located in Victoria, among other places. Nature lovers flock to the “Land Down Under” for many reasons, including the beautiful scenery and native species of plants and animals. There are many opportunities to observe animals in the wild, including these areas in New South Wales.

3 Places For Finding Wildlife In and Around Sydney

Blue Mountains Natural Park

If you’re visiting the Sydney area and wish to see the natural side of New South Wales, then a day trip to Blue Mountain Natural Park cannot be missed. Located near the town of Katoomba, you will have the chance to camp, canoe, go hiking, and learn about Aboriginal culture at this World Heritage site. Among the gorgeous views, you will find many of the area’s nature animal species living in and around the park.

Some of the animals you may see during your visit to the park include grey kangaroos and swamp wallabies, also called the black stinker, which is a small cousin of the kangaroo. The park is home to several bird species including parrots, lorikeets, lyrebirds, and honeyeaters. You may also come across glow worms, which are insects called fungus gnats that are naturally bioluminescent as larva.

Sydney Harbour

For most tourists, beautiful Sydney Harbour is a popular place to visit. Along with views of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, you can picnic by the water and watch sailboats, ferries, and other maritime vessels sail in and around the harbour. It is also a good place to be during migration season for humpback whales.

There are two times a year when you can go whale watching in Sydney: during the northern migration in May through August and during the southern migration from August to December. There are many boat tours which will take you out of the Harbour area to open waters, where it’s more likely you can see some whales. Along with humpbacks, you may spot dolphins and Orcas, or killer whales, as well.

Sea Acres National Park

From pristine beaches to boardwalks in a rainforest, Sea Acres National Park offers a variety of beautiful scenery for nature lovers. The park is located near Port Macquarie and is open all year round, though it may close when the weather is bad or there are fire dangers. Port Macquarie is another good place to watch whales during their migration, plus the nearby rainforest is home to many bird species.

The birds you may hear and see include the green catbird, the red crowned fruit dove, wompoo fruit dove, and the white-bellied sea eagle, among several other bird species. The park is also home to koalas, Australian brush turkeys, flying foxes, possums, bats, and bush rats. As some of these animals are nocturnal, you may wish to stay awake to try to spot them.

Australia has a fascinating list of animals they are home to and which cannot be seen anywhere in the world outside of zoos.