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3 Reasons Why The Lake District Is The Perfect Location To Own A Holiday Home

3 Reasons Why The Lake District Is The Perfect Location To Own A Holiday Home

Whether you are thinking of buying holiday property in the Lake District or not, here are 3 major reasons why in 2017 you should.

3 Reasons Why The Lake District Is The Perfect Location To Own A Holiday Home

  1. Holidaying Post-Brexit

More Brits than ever are opting to holiday in the UK over heading abroad due to travel concerns and exchange rates since Brexit. In fact and as the Guardian Newspaper article: Sharp rise in cost of holidays abroad leads to staycation boom explores in far more detail explains: ‘A 10% drop in the value of the pound against the euro means that a holiday in a eurozone country will cost a family of four £245 more now than it would have done before Britain voted to leave the EU.’

For families and travellers already on a tight budget this could very easily prove the difference between going on holiday and not getting away at all. Meanwhile, for most holiday makers having to save up and stump up an additional £245 more will still have a marked effect on where they can holiday or the standard of holiday and accommodation they can afford, which could all too easily result in paying more for a holiday that is likely to be less enjoyed.

Of course, this needn’t be the case. In fact, the silver lining in the grey cloud Brexit has left hanging over the international travel industry has meant that now is the best time ever to consider instead taking a staycation in regions of superb beauty such as The Lakes. Not only are 2.5 million more Brits this year doing exactly that rather than heading abroad, the effect this is set to have on the British economy is a great thing and stands to strengthen the economy in the longer term.

  1. Owning a Holiday Property: Home vs. Abroad in 2017

Brexit has of course also dramatically changed things for those who currently own holiday properties abroad, or were previously thinking of doing so. Further, it is yet unknown just how far reaching, long term or drastic the effects of Brexit will be for those who own or want to own a holiday property outside of the UK.

As explained in depth via The Telegraph Newspaper article: Brexit: what would it mean for your EU holiday home?, the number of Brits holidays abroad increased four-fold when Britain joined the EU back in the 70’s. Further, many also opted to buy holiday properties in Europe after we joined the EU and due to ‘successive agreements made at a European level covering banking, tax, insurance, health care, travel and other issues crucial to our easy enjoyment of our overseas properties’.

Having now left the EU, and with no clear plan as to how to go about it, it really is a matter of speculating, hoping and waiting for those who own holiday properties abroad.Meanwhile, those who were thinking of buying a holiday property are in a far more fortunate position; whilst the lower the pound drops against the EU the higher the prices of properties on The Continent will go, by buying a holiday property here in the UK would-be holiday home owners can instantly and entirely extricate themselves from all of these worries. Simultaneously, they can also furnish themselves with a holiday property, so saving themselves the financial burdens of booking increasingly expensive holidays abroad.

The Lake District provides the perfect locations as it is unrivalled in beauty, attractions, landscapes, opportunities to partake in sports, walking and adventures and is also surrounded by many equally exciting and unique villages, cities and locales such as The picturesque Crook’o’Lune, the historical City of Lancaster and the seaside town of Morecambe.

This all translates to mean that whatever you’re into doing and seeing, whatever the size of your family, whatever your holiday home criteria and whatever your budget, affording one and finding the perfect one for you and your family and needs is more possible in and around The Lakes than in almost all other areas of the country. Then, to get exploring your options and searching for that perfect holiday property, the perfect place to turn isPure Leisurewho provide a range of options, choices and locations in and around The Lake District for those looking to buy their very own home from home in the region.

  1. Investment Potential in The Lakes

According to the Official Lake Distinct website, an estimated 15.8 million people travel to the Lake District in order to holiday every single year, with many opting to stay in self-catering properties such as rental cottages and homes, and the number set to rise in 2017 due to the 5% rise of families opting to remain within the UK.

Not only is this testament to The Lakes as one of the UK’s most desired holiday regions, it also make the Lake District one of the most lucrative areas in which to own a holiday property. Those who are lucky enough to own a property in The Lakes stand to make a fantastic return by renting it out whilst they are themselves not making use of it. Further, unlike many other parts of the UK (such as its seaside and costal regions and towns) the Lake District attracts visits all year round with much of its greenery and waters proving most stunning during seasons which experience heavier rainfall.

Owners of holiday properties in The Lakes needn’t fret over managing their rentals either. Whilst many major estate agencies are happy to manage holiday, short term and as well longer term rental and to let properties for a fee, in the Lake District it is worth contacting Lakes Cottage Holidays if you are considering going down this route; a family run business with over 25 years of experience and a deep and invested interest in promoting the district, Lakes Cottage Holidays manage a broad spectrum of accommodations in the region from boathouses to farmhouses.