Thursday 30 May 2024

3 Tips For First-Time Travellers To Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country, with multiple avenues of exploration, fun and adventure. You can easily get lost in the country, therefore first-time travellers need to be certain of their accommodations, travel itinerary and the kinds of foods they’ll be trying. Whether it’s gorging on some wonderful fish curry in Nuwara Eliya, or finding Jaffna accommodation, travellers must be aware of all the positives and negatives of their planning decisions.  

Sri Lanka is a beautiful mix of British colonial-era timelines and naturally elegant valleys that make it a burgeoning destination for some fun. It’s the perfect time to explore the country, and if you’re a first-time traveller, then here are 3 key tips that you must remember always –

  1. Take your time and experience the natural beauty:

natural beauty

You have to take out the time and go slow, so that you can truly experience the country for everything it has. In certain remote areas the infrastructure is not there yet, which means that you might have to pull up your socks and be ready for a bumpy journey. But that should not deter your plans, it’s all well worth every inconvenience. The hill country is sometimes not accessible to all travellers and it can take some time for you to experience Sri Lanka’s glory in full.

  1. Ensure that your accommodation is high-quality

3 Tips For First-Time Travellers To Sri Lanka

Certain times, especially when we’re in a rush, we tend to ignore the warning signs that certain accommodations present to us. We book hesitantly, hoping that the experience will be satisfactory. However, when we arrive at Sri Lanka, we realise that we’ve made a mistake and have pressurised the staff to outperform for no extra cost. Therefore, it’s a must if you’re travelling to Sri Lanka – that you focus on booking your accommodation through a reputed website or a reliable hotel chain. You can start your search for a Nuwara Eliya rest house or a Jaffna accommodation by visiting Yoho Bed, and check out the offers available on their website.  

  1. Keep your focus towards the north-side

3 Tips For First-Time Travellers To Sri Lanka

If you can, then focus on the north side of the country and avoid areas where the traffic is notorious and where natural beauty is hidden behind the corporate jungles. There are many off-beaten paths, natural wild life and resorts where tourists can go exploring. You can start your journey off in Jaffna, then visiting a series of beautiful islands towards Kayts and Karaitivu. Punkudutivu is another important point to see, as it’s the initial point for ferries to Nainativu shrines and temples.