Wednesday 12 May 2021


Not to be a clichè, but I’m a real big food enthusiast. Like the crazy one who seeks some exotic recipes at 3 am. Or “find out the location of the cafe that serves the dish I saw on instagram” kind of crazy foodie.

So it should come as no surprise that I follow a bunch of food blogs and spend a good amount of time on them collecting food recipes that I shall pass on to my children as my legacy.

The are thousands of food recipe blogs on the internet and I follow a fair share of them. But there are a few that are just close to my heart.

Here are 5 of the food recipe blogs that I’m really glad I follow :

Our Bird Has Flown

Our bird has flown is one of my absolute favourite blogs and the reason why is because it’s not just a food recipe blog, it has a little bit of everything. The writers release their podcasts and share their experience as parents of a teenager.  The blog is a perfect mix of advice, tips and inspiration. Once you land on their blog, you are definitely about to go through some good reads. The blog sees food as a component that brings their family closer. One of my favourite recipes from them is the Grandma Milagro’s Flan. But their chocolate cake recipe is my mom’s favourite. And boy, am I glad she likes to practice the recipe again and again! It’s a very simple recipe and you can treat yourself to a rich chocolate cake any day you want.

Smitten Kitchen

Smitten kitchen is pure love for any food enthusiast. There are hundreds and hundreds of recipes written with love and keeping in mind the not so expert cooks but still food lovers. There’s something for everyone on this blog. The creator, Deb, also has some excellent photography skills and her blog is filled with some mesmerising photos of her dishes.  It’s a pure treat for a food enthusiast like me to go through her recipes ranging from how to poach an egg to full fledged recipes from around the world including Japanese, Vietnamese and Indian among many more. I love so many of their recipes, but their corn fritters are one of the simplest recipes ever and you can make them anytime.


Orangette is one of those food recipe blogs that I follow religiously. The blog has been ranked number 1 in the world by The London Times and that comes as no surprise knowing the peculiar style the creator has of writing and presenting things on her blog. She has already released 2 books of her own which are commended for their originality and tasteful writing style by the readers. Moreover, The creator also has 2 restaurants with her ex-husband serving some delicious delicacies. Out of dozens of my favourite recipes on this blog, raspberry-ricotta cake is my go to.


This is my go to blog when I can’t decide what exactly I want to eat. With so many recipe collections to offer, foodiecrush is perfect delight of a blog. Even the salads look like delicacies from my dream. The recipes range from comfort foods like bacon cheese burger to fancy dinner recipes like buffalo roasted chicken and everything in between.

There are absolutely amazing  food recipe blogs out there, I’m sure of that. But these are some of my favourite blogs. My food-monger self loves their feeds and I spend time reading and trying recipes from these blogs every weekend. There’s something different in every blog and that is exactly why I think every blog you follow adds something valuable to your taste buds.


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