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4 Memorable Attractions in Moline, IL

4 Memorable Attractions in Moline, IL

Visit Moline and explore all the memorable things to do in the city. From historic sites and live music to biking trails along the Mississippi River, we’ve got your next vacation covered — complete with Midwestern hospitality. Read on to discover the four most memorable attractions to seek out in Moline, Illinois, and what makes each destination worth visiting.

Rock Island Arsenal Museum

4 Memorable Attractions in Moline, IL

The Rock Island Arsenal Museum opened over a century ago on the Fourth of July in 1905, making it the U.S. Army’s second-oldest exhibit. The mission of the museum is to collect and preserve the history of the arsenal, and it is still an active military installation today.

Military and weapons buffs will delight in each exhibit’s hidden treasures featuring people such as 40-year arsenal veteran John Gamble and the military equipment that was produced. Study over 1,200 small arms on permanent display including a serial number 1 of the Model 1903 rifle.

The Plaza at Bass Street Landing

4 Memorable Attractions in Moline, IL

When you’re in the mood for outdoor entertainment, head down to Moline’s beautiful riverfront. The Plaza offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the area with a host of outdoor events.

Bass Street Landing’s Tom Sawyer-inspired water feature is an inviting place for kids to cool off on hot Illinois summer days. Pick up the Great River bike path from the Plaza, and spend the day with friends pedaling along the Mississippi River.

Take in a free live performance at the Plaza’s stage. Relax with friends in the outdoor seating, then head to the development’s shops and share great food at one of the excellent eateries. Make sure to book your Moline hotel room near the city’s sights and sounds so you don’t miss a thing.

John Deere Pavilion

4 Memorable Attractions in Moline, IL

Legendary John Deere led the path of our nation’s settlement in 1837 with his self-scouring steel plow. This new farm tool enabled pioneers to turn the sticky prairie soil into sowable fields. Today, Deere & Company is a global leader in innovative products and services for those who still cultivate the land.

Begin your John Deere experience by visiting the Pavilion, where children of all ages can climb on the iconic green machines. The kid-friendly Discovery Zone offers eight exhibits full of hands-on learning activities. From vintage tractors to modern construction machines, discover how John Deere continues to change our world. Admission to the John Deere Pavilion is always free.

Ben Butterworth Parkway

4 Memorable Attractions in Moline, IL

Grab your walking shoes or hop on a bike for an adventure through this magnificent 50-acre park. Access two of Moline’s major trails from the Parkway including the Great River Trail that meanders along the mighty Mississippi River. The coast-to-coast American Discovery Trail is the ideal opportunity for bicycle enthusiasts to put in some serious miles.

Have a picnic under one of many shelters, or grab your tackle and see what you can catch off the fishing pier. There’s a place to launch your boat and a playground for the kids at Ben Butterworth Parkway.

When you visit Moline, travel like no one else. Let us inspire you to plan the perfect trip with these four memorable attractions.