Sunday 16 June 2024

4 Places For A Great Overland Trip

4 Places For A Great Overland Trip

Overland trips are popular among people who like to travel off the beaten path. Rather than stick to major cities and street-by-street guides, overlanders enjoy the beauty and ferocity of real wilderness settings.

But what if you’ve never been on an overland trip before? Where are the best destinations? What should make it on your bucket list?

4 Places For A Great Overland Trip

Here are just a few of the most awesome destinations for an overland trip.

1. Cape Lookout National Seashore

The Cape Lookout National Seashore is unique in the sense that it doesn’t have any roads or paved trails. You just take your vehicle to the beach in any direction that you’d like to go. As long as you avoid the sand dunes, you have the ultimate freedom to drive, camp, hike, and sight-see anywhere and everywhere!

2. Singapore to Bangkok

If you’d like to enjoy an overland trip without the inconvenience of driving yourself, consider one of the many routes between Singapore and Bangkok. They’re mostly connected by train, so all of the amenities will be taken care of while you sit back and enjoy the passing greenery from the windows.

3. Trans-America Trail

The Trans-America Trail (TAT) snakes around the entire country. Offering more than 5,000 miles of rugged terrain, it allows you to experience everything from the fields of Oregon to the mountains of Tennessee, making it an incredible overland experience that will give you a real sense of accomplishment when you’re done. Your friends won’t believe that you traveled the entire thing!

4. Dalton Highway

The Dalton Highway is one of the most dangerous roads in America. If you’re willing to brave it, however, you’ll be treated to spectacular views of both mountains and oceans, and you’ll have a great success story if you make it all the way across. Just be sure that you’re prepared for the hazards. You don’t want your overland trip to end in disaster!

These are just a few places where you can experience the wonders of nature during a free-spirited trip. Pack up your overland gear and get going! The world awaits!