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5 American Trips To Spend A Thrilling Holiday

5 American Trips To Spend A Thrilling Holiday

Road trips are the best. There is nothing like riding in a car for hours and basking in nature’s glory and what things mad himself has made. You feel free, you feel alive.

You get to see, small towns, vast and scenic landscapes, the hustle and bustle of big city life.  America is filled with places like these.  From a quaint desert town in Arizona to the famous Route 66, American road trips are a treat.

5 American Trips To Spend A Thrilling Holiday

However, if you want to see the real American stay off the interstate, it makes it easier for everyone to go from coast to coast without seeing anything or anyone.

Below are some of the finest trip routes you could take.

  1. California State Route 1

5 American Trips To Spend A Thrilling Holiday

The California State Route 1, is a wonderful start to the American style of road culture. Right along the Pacific Coast and north of San Diego, you will come across the redwood country, the main heart of Northern California.

After that, you will pass Malibu, the famous wine country of Santa Barbara and so much more. Without a doubt, taking Route one will never let you fall short of seeing gorgeous coastlines and luscious beaches.

  1. Route 66

5 American Trips To Spend A Thrilling Holiday

In 1926, the historic Route 66 was created and was marked as the first numbered highway. Even it formerly stretched from Chicago to Santa Monica for 2,451 miles, it ended up losing a lot of its historic routes to divided state sections. Even today, it still is known for its wide routes and all the sites to see on the way.

  1. Highway 61

5 American Trips To Spend A Thrilling Holiday

It is also nicknamed as the “Blues Highway”, because of the music culture of the region. On the record, known as US Route 61, Highway 61 attaches New Orleans and Minnesota’s city of Wyoming. Legend says that Robert Johnson – the great blues guitarist, had met the devil at the intersection of highways 61 and 69.

  1. Coast to coast

5 American Trips To Spend A Thrilling Holiday

To travel from coast to coast, and be able to live the on the road life, is probably the best way to go on a road trip. The best way to do that would be to take US Route 20 since it is the lengthiest road in the country. It runs through Newport in Oregon and Boston, with a length of 3, 365 miles.

However, it ends at the Yellowstone National Park. It runs parallel to the north towards Interstate 90, at 3,101 miles.  But, to the south, Route 6 is a continuous route that is the longest at 3,205 miles.

  1. Monument Valley

5 American Trips To Spend A Thrilling Holiday

In order to get to Monument Valley, use Route 17 that is just out of Phoenix. You will be able to visit Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon, and then you can head towards the cowboy film-scape of buttes by taking the 160 and reach the Arizona/Utah border. After that, you can come down the 191 and come through the Winslow on Route 66, after you have crossed the Interstate 40.  Then you can take a long Jeep drive beside the Diamond Creek Road, which goes laterally at the end of the Grand Canyon.

These were just a few of the places to see on the fantastic road trips you can take in the USA.  Filled with culture, heritage, and deep-rooted history, one gets to see the cultural hub or the heart of American

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