Sunday 03 December 2023

5 Beautiful Garden Wall Fountains To Fall In Love With

A lush green garden decorated with bright flowering plants and quality garden ornaments is something that a homeowner takes pride in. A beautiful garden like this looks incomplete if you do not add an element of sound to it. Install a perfect garden fountain that will beautifully add an element of sound and character to your outdoor space. Imagine spending an evening in your garden bench amidst the beautiful natural surroundings and the soft, flowing sound of the water that slowly makes its way into the basin. This is the best way to make your garden a little piece of heaven on earth.

There are various types of garden fountains available in the market that suits different garden styles. So, make sure to analyze the style and area of your garden before you visit the store. Choose the best fountain that seamlessly blends with your garden and transforms it into an enchanting oasis amidst the concrete buildings of a modern city.

If you have a small garden, I would suggest you opt for sleek and compact wall fountains. They come in various styles and blends perfectly with different styles of homes, traditional or modern. Read this blog to get a glimpse of 5 different types of wall fountains that you will definitely love to have in your garden.

1.Shell wall fountain: Do you live in English styled home? Then opt for a traditionally designed wall fountain made of fibreglass. If you want to keep it simple and manageable, a beautiful shell water fountain will surely become a distinct centrepiece in your garden. Add an antique feel to it by opting for English iron finish on the base of heavy duty layered fibreglass.

Another way to adopt this style is to opt for clam shell two-piece wall fountain. This is an amazing way of adding a soothing and sprinkling movement of water in small spaces. You can attach the two pieces of the fountain directly to a garden or patio wall to create a relaxing effect to your outdoor space. Be ready to get enchanted by the natural sound of water pouring from the smaller shell to the bigger one.

2.Bird element fountain: Do you wake up every morning hearing the sweet chirping of the birds that made your garden their paradise? As a token of love and admiration towards these little creatures, choose a bird element fountain made of cast stone. This is a simple wall fountain with sleek rectangular basin. But what makes them different from the rest is the figure of two birds sitting comfortably at the top of the wall. The wall fountain inspired from nature will work as a perfect water feature for your garden.

3.Bamboo etched glass wall fountain: This modern wall fountain is a perfect addition to a home that boasts of having a Japanese garden. Simple yet contemporary in design this unique piece blends the best of both worlds. While glass adds a state-of-art touch to it, the intricate design of bamboo etched in the glass wall brings a flavour of an oriental charm.   

4.Leon wall fountain: How about adding a majestic charm to your home and garden by installing a leon wall fountain? This is a classic and timeless theme of a protective lion common is European architecture. So, if you live in a traditional mansion, make sure to add this garden fountain made of fibreglass and weathered stone finish to add grandeur and nobility to the ambience.

5.Winding vinewall fountain: Want to add a touch of femininity to your classic garden? Then choose winding vine fountains Melbourne to attain the look. This beautiful piece of garden water feature is intricately carved with flower patterns that can be hung anywhere in the garden. It is a pleasant experience when water gushes down to the basin through the petals of the flowers creating a natural melody.

Make your garden your favourite place to relax and unwind by adding these amazing wall fountains. Buy these centrepieces from reputed garden stores or shop online.  Also, do not forget to add planter boxes Melbourne to give a complete look to your little paradise.