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5 Best Homestays In Coorg You Can Book For Accommodation In The Town

There are homestays in India at almost all the tourist places in the country but these best homestays in Coorg stand out in terms of location, hosts and facilities. You are offered delicious Indian food to eat and you are able to experience the local culture and traditions from the close.

5 Best Homestays In Coorg You Can Book For Accommodation In The Town

Some of the Best Homestays in Coorg You Can Book for Accommodation in the Town are as Follows:

  • NaadMane Homestay:  It is an affordable Homestay in Coorg in Karnataka that offers flawless services and best facilities to the visitors.  In the homestay, you can spend time in recreational games. You will be provided Carom Board, Ludo, and chess board or playing cards. You can also enjoy trekking. The hosts organise both long and short treks for you as per your choice.  You will get the peaceful environment in the homestay. You can utilise your time reading novels or listening to your favourites music.  The fitness freaks can stay with outdoor games.
  • Honey Pot Homestay: The Honey Pot Homestay in Madikeri Coorg is located in the middle of a coffee plantation is not a less than a dream place for coffee lovers. The aroma of the coffee is waiting for you everywhere. The amazing sight of the red coffee beans is just gonna to blow your mind away. You can get to touch them from the very close. This Homestay also features a tree house from the top of which you can observe the fauna and flora of the Coorg. There are some magnificent dining locations around this Homestay so it forms a perfect spot for vacation and honeymoon couples.
  • Pepper Trails Homestay: The Pepper Trails Homestay is just a few meters away from the Nagarhole National Park thus making it an ideal place for the wild life lovers. While staying in Pepper Trails Homestay, you can have some great safari evenings and mornings. You can also enjoy rafting on white waters of the Cauvery River.
  • Souland Estates Homestay: The Souland Estates Homestay in Valnoor Coorg offers visitors a splendid opportunity to experience the real life style of the Coorg. You will get local cuisines to cherish on and to witness the local culture.  The Pepper Trails Homestays are located just at a distance of few meters from the Dubbare Elephant Camp. You can very easily spot baby elephants while walking through the Elephant corridor trial. The pets are always welcomed in the Souland Estates Homestay.  There is a plenty of space for them to stroll around in the greens.
  • Mountain View Homestay: The Mountain View Homestay in Madikeri is located on the top of the hill. In the morning, the mist floating in through the window makes you feel fresh early morning. The home stay is not equipped with all modern day facilities like TV, Fridge, Wi-Fi but it is a place that connects you with nature. We are sure, you will have a great time at Mountain View Homestay with friends or family.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of other Magnificent Best Homestays in Coorg Affordable Cost  but due to time and space constraint, we could not tell you about all of them.         

About Coorg

The rapturous sounds of the Abbi Water Falls create an environment full of peace, serenity and tranquility.  When the streams of water combine on the Western Ghats, they form Abbi Falls. Then this water ultimately flows down to the throat of Cauvery River. On this famous river is located Kali Mata temple. The wildlife of the place is just amazing. For night stay, you have luxurious homestays  hotels and resorts in the town. This little town in Southern Karnataka is identical to Scotland in many aspects hence also called Scotland of India. The place is also famous for its mountainous views and magnificent water bodies.  You can enjoy white water rafting in Coorg.

The coffee plantation was brought to Coorg by Britishers during their rule in India. Now Coorg has become one of the highest producers of coffee in India. If you will visit here during the coffee season, the refreshing smell of the coffee will open your senses.