Monday 26 February 2024

5 Destinations In Asia Perfect For Winter Sun Holiday


As winter approaches, many people would be on the lookout for the best destinations where they can enjoy a perfect winter sun holiday. Of course, Asia is always on the top of the list. This continent boasts of several destinations that are popular for their ideal weather and excellent features. If you are tired of those cold winter holidays and you would want to enjoy some winter sun, maybe it is about time to visit Asia and join the millions of tourists that enjoy warm winter holidays every year. Read on and learn about these five winter sun holiday destinations and then plan your perfect vacation.


Considered as one of the most luxurious places in the world, Dubai is also an ideal destination to enjoy the sun during winter time. This city boasts of world-class accommodations, warm hospitality, desert safaris, adventure activities, great shopping opportunities, and much much more. One of its finest offerings is the Jumeirah Beach. At 25 degrees Celsius winter weather, lazing on this beach’ white sand is simply one of the best things to do. Of course, you should also take part in other activities like swimming, flyboarding, and jet-skiing. For a family winter holiday, you should include a trip to the Wild Wadi Water Park on your itinerary.


Sri Lanka

If you want authentic Asian holiday experience, visiting Sri Lanka should be a goal. Sri Lanka is popularly known for its historic temples, incredible natural surroundings, beautiful beaches, diverse wildlife viewing activities and unique rich culture. There is an endless list of great things to do in Sri Lanka. This is one of the best destinations for winter sun holiday as its beaches are simply some of the most amazing in the world – they are also quite safe for surfing. If you are thinking of visiting Sri Lanka, the best time to go is from November to February.

sri lanka beach


Known for its cerulean waters, clean sandy beaches, lush mountain jungles, serene temples and delicious exotic cuisine, Thailand is considered as one of the top winter sun destinations. Thailand is aptly nicknamed “Land of Smiles” and it certainly offers authentic and unique Asian travel experiences that would make you smile. You can just lounge and laze around the heavenly beaches, or you can go to famous cities like Chiang Mai and Bangkok. One thing is for sure; when in Thailand, the activities and things you can do are endless.



In Vietnam, you can expect to be spoiled with the beauty of nature. There is simply an abundance of wonderful and beautiful places in this Asian country. You can simply enjoy spending your days on the beautiful beaches. You can also have some adventure exploring the bursting cities. Or you can learn more about its culture and history. Visiting the magnificent Buddhist pagodas is also one of the best things you can do in Vietnam. The Phu Quoc and Mui Ne are just two of the best beaches in Vietnam while seeing the views of the Sa Pa Terraces will let you experience the beauty of true Vietnam tradition. Do not miss the Ha Long Bay; its 120 km long coastline gave it the nickname “Bay of Descending Dragon”.

ha long bay vietnam


It may be Asia’s smallest country, but Maldives is never small in what it can offer its visitors. If you want a luxury holiday with lots of fun in the sun, Maldives is your best bet. It boasts of multiple exciting and unique things and activities to do for any traveler. Here, the world’s most renowned hotels go into the neck to neck competition in delivering the most luxurious services to their guests. Your accommodation choices include staying in private, secluded Maldives Islands, which is something that you should go for. Taking part in different water sports and exploring the underwater world are just some of the best things you can do in Maldives.


If you are willing to have a winter sun holiday outside of Asia, check out this list of 17 best destinations perfect for winter sun holidays.