Friday 21 June 2024

5 Famous Places To Visit In Chennai

5 Famous Places To Visit In Chennai

Chennai is a metropolitan city in Tamil Nadu state of India. It is known as the biggest centre of industrial in south India, but along with this city has many tourist attractions. Chennai is the hub of both commerce and culture. It is a great place where even if you have come for a business tour, you can visit the beautiful beaches and temples here.

You can travel by air, train, or by road to Chennai. Booking now-a-days has become very convenient and easy, on one click from your hometown itself, you can book nice hotels near Chennai airport, which offer the best service.

  • Marina Beach

Marina Beach is full of golden sands stretching up to 13-kilometre, which makes it India’s second largest beach. This urban beach is the most visited in Chennai city. This beautiful beach with golden sand is considered as the busiest and cleanest beaches in country. During the time of tsunami in the year 2004, the waves went up to 20 feet causing some great damage. You can also engage yourself in different activities here as it has nice joggers track, skating arena, and aquarium. Kite flying, beach cricket, and massive chess board here are the most preferred by children.

  • Mahabalipuram Beach

From Chennai the distance to this beach is 60 kilometres. Mahabalipuram is known as ancient town with many stone temples and stone carvings. It was built between 7th-9th centuries. This pristine beach is beautiful with golden sand, and stone sculptures, that attracts tourists every now and then. It is a best place to visit for any holiday, as it offers several fun activities such as wind surfing, diving, and motor boating.

  • Tranquebar

This is an ancient Danish colony, with unique architecture to it, and is near to the beach. This is situated in Nagapattinam district. Some of the Danish heritage remnants are the churches, old monuments, and Dansborg fort. This is the very first place in the country where printing press had started. They printed Holy Bible in Tamil language, and this is also considered as the first book that had been printed in India. Today only the Danish sculptures and manuscripts are left in the Dansborg fort.

  • DakshinaChitra

This is one of the most overwhelming place in Chennai, which is a must visit. The name in itself says South Picture. It is basically a heritage museum representing south India through pictures. Entry free here is applicable, and it is open every day except for Tuesday.

  • Kapaleeshwarar Temple

This temple was built during the 7th century, and it is devoted to God Shiva. Goddess Parvati is worshipped at Karpagambal temple. The architecture of this temple is in the Dravidian style. The eastern entrance of this temple has a pillar of 40m in height with carvings. This temple is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

So, plan a trip soon to Chennai and get around exploring all the beautiful places. Do not miss out on any of these places, as you will surely have a great time here.