Monday 26 February 2024

5 Fun Things You Can Do In Chennai Other Than Sightseeing

South India has a rich culture with a long history in art and cuisine. It’s approach and way of life is totally different to that of north Indians which makes the region all the more intriguing. This article talks about some of the other fun things you can do during your visit to Chennai leaving aside sightseeing.

Holding its rich culture and tradition even today; is the beach front city of Chennai. Each part of its way of life, be it the food, music and move, materials or design, is saturated with time-regarded traditions. Amongst this setting, it is no big surprise that there are numerous fascinating spots to visit in Chennai. With a few religious destinations, exhibitions, galleries, gardens, memorable landmarks, shorelines and audacious exercises, one can without much of a stretch spend a week visiting this city. You can easily fly in from the Delhi to Chennai flight to visit the city from the national capital or take a cab or train if you are visiting from a nearby city or town. While exploring the conventional places of interest and tourist attractions are the normal things to do when you visit the city, here are a list of things you can do to make your experience more fun and memorable.

Fish at Barracuda Bay

The city has an abundance of sea fishes due to its proximity to the sea. While you may not be able to fish anywhere as you want and may not even feel the need to fish as fishes are available in plenty at cheap rates, just for the thrill and experience of it, you can head over to Barracuda Bay and get your hands dirty, or wet rather. Its like a halloween treat basket, you never know what type of fish you will be fishing out!

Try the Authentic South Indian Cuisine

Where better to try the most authentic south indian cuisine than the city of Chennai, the place where it all originated from. From the most simple classics like dosas, idlis and vadas to the numerous number of dishes that lay out in their elaborate thali, you will find that there is something different in sitting at an old restaurant in Chennai and be surrounded by the ambience of it all than your normal restaurants anywhere else.

Drink Coffee

The south indians love their coffee! While the rest of India goes gaga over tea and drinks its almost whole day and little chai stalls are seen all over the city street corners and towns, in Chennai it is all about coffee. Proper ground coffee both strong and aromatic will be served in every small stall.

Visit the Alligators

If it is wildlife that fascinates you, then pay a visit to the alligators/crocodile bank/farm on the way to Mamallapuram which houses a good number of species both reptiles and mammals. A visit to this fascinating place will also make you learn much more about reptiles and their way of life. Enjoy the folk dance and song

Go Paintballing

One of the mosthardcore and rigorous outdoor activity you can indulge in. Paintballing is one of the most fun things to do in Chennai. You can visit the numerous paintball places spread across the city and recreate a scene from your favorite action movie.