Tuesday 23 April 2024

5 Habits That Will Transform You From Ordinary To Extraordinary

5 Habits That Will Transform You From Ordinary To Extraordinary

So you have come to find out if there is actually a secret to becoming a successful version of yourself. Trust me you are successful because success is a relative term. Hence, there is no magic pill just some advice.

Inculcate Reading Habits

You must have heard this one before but yes the truth is that successful people read. Reading inculcates the habit of continued learning. So if you traveling to work, carry a book with you. Instead of listening to music you can very well make your time productive by reading something useful.

Set a plan for yourself such finishing a chapter a day or an ‘x’ number of books in a month. The wealth of knowledge you will gain will be unsurpassable! There are even eBooks available these and on a wide variety of topics. But if you really want to get in the groove of reading, try paperback versions.

Reflect Often

Reflection goes hand in glove with the act of absorbing knowledge. If you are in-taking knowledge and not stopping to reflect on what you have learned, then there is no point. Your brain requires time to process information and that is the act of reflection where you allow your brain to process information.

If you continue without reflection, you are flooding your brain with content, irrespective of what sticks and what flushes out. It is essential that what has been absorbed is put to practice and should serve it as a takeaway which you could implement (not all of it but some of it).

Develop a habit of taking notes. And please write it down (no digital stuff, it beats the intent). It will enable you to remember and revise what knowledge you have acquired. No matter, if you learning something online, write in your journal – manually.

Put The Learned Material To Test

We have covered experimentation above where we said to put to test the theories that we have learned. Trying out new things is how we grow in life. Trial and error. The more important lessons in life are learned that way, most of the time. Also, this gives birth to ingenuity.

Don’t Confuse Working With Learning

Okay, you learn certain things by working but by working the way you do such as our 9-5 routines, do not fool yourself into believing that you are learning. Academic writing professionals can be accessed online. Learning and growing are two separate things and are divided by a very fine line.

Eye Growth, Not Productivity

Point being, dedicate at least 5-hours apart from your daily activities to read, reflect and experiment. If you listen to Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, they will tell you that squeezing too many things in your schedule may lead to increased productivity, but as stated earlier, it does not necessarily you are growing.


So derive inspiration from some of the most successful people on the planet as well as entrepreneurs and redefine your strategy of living an ordinary life towards becoming truly extraordinary.