Saturday 04 March 2023

5 Onsite SEO Tips To Improve Rankings

If you are looking to improve your Google rankings for your keyword phrases then here are 5 free onsite SEO tips that will help.

Meta Title

The most important factor with your meta title is not to pack it full of your keywords, this is not what its for. As a rule of thumb, you should only try and optimise 3 keywords over web page, anyone than this will look spammy. If one of our keywords is Internet Marketing Derby your meta title should be written like an advert to attract people to click on your result, not a chance for you to pack all your keywords into it. Here is an example of a perfect meta title that will rank week for the keyword Internet Marketing Derby:

Internet Marketing Derby Company with 14 Years Experience

5 Onsite SEO Tips To Improve Rankings

Your meta title should be no more than 70 characters long (including spaces). Anymore than this Google will cut it off in their results. Always think of your meta title as an advert first then SEO second.

Meta Description

Your meta description should be treated the same way as your meta title. Here you have a chance to expand on your title to attract more visitors, but remember, this is not a change to spam with keywords. If you imagine you meta title and description as a newspaper. Your meta title is the headline thats eye catching and makes you want to read more and your meta description is the sub heading with a little more detail on the story (your services). Then when the user clicks on your result they can read the full story (your products and services).

Meta descriptions can also be generated automatically from Google by pulling extracts from your content depending on the users search query.

Meta Keywords

This tag is dead and has been ignored by Google for so many years now i have lost count. Please remove this tag altogether from your site as your only giving away what keywords you want to get ranked for to your competition.

Responsive Design

Having your website display correctly on mobile devices and tablets is important for how Google ranks your site. If you perform a search on your mobile device you will see ‘mobile-friendly’ against all results that Google has identified as being responsive websites.

Having the load speed of your site of a maximum of 2 seconds is advised as nobody will hang around for your page to load and just go else where.

Publisher and Author Tags

Linking your website to your Google+ author page and company page is also advised as websites that have these tags have been proved to perform better in search results. Simply add these two tags on all your web pages and make sure you link them correctly through your Google+ pages to activate them.

 <link href=“insert personal google+ url here" rel=“author">
<link href=“insert business google+ url here" rel=“publisher">