Saturday 02 March 2024

5 Reasons To Take An October Holiday

Many people like traveling in the fall because they can avoid crowds of tourists in many European cities. Older travellers also like travelling when the weather is cooler, so they don’t have to worry about getting too hot when sightseeing during the day. If you want to take a holiday, here are five reasons to plan an October adventure.

Change of Seasons : As summer fades into fall, the leaves are starting to turn colours on the trees, making parks and rural wooded areas look beautiful. The reds, golds, and browns of autumn are loved by most travellers, and many people travel during October for the sole purpose of seeing autumn foliage. Many places throughout the UK and Europe are ablaze with colour during the fall, and you can enjoy a trek in a forest with the colourful leaves falling around you.

5 Reasons To Take An October Holiday

Attend Festivals : Germany has Oktoberfest, the UK features several film festivals, and many other locations offer a wide variety of food and music festivals during the fall. Since the weather is cooler than in the summer, it is a good time to be outside enjoying fall festivals in many European capitals. You can go online to find a list of festivals and then book tickets for a flight or train ride to attend them.

Avoid Crowded Beaches : Although business at the beaches in the South of France, Greece, and other Mediterranean countries may still be brisk, the beaches won’t be as crowded in the fall as they will be in the winter. You should be able to find some privacy at many of the beach resorts in the fall. The peak season for many beachside areas is in the winter when people want to escape the snow and cold, so take advantage of the quiet autumn and enjoy a night time stroll with your significant other on the beach.

Save Money : One of the best reasons to travel in October, and throughout the fall, is to save money on hotel reservations, transportation, and attraction tickets. In most European cities, summer is the tourist season and business starts to slow down in September. You can enjoy discounted prices at many prime destinations for October holidays.

Milder Weather : Even though the leaves are changing colour and falling to the ground, the weather in most places during October is mild. You won’t be too hot during the day while sightseeing, and in the mornings and evenings you can stay comfortable by putting on a jumper or light jacket. The milder weather also gives you a chance to take your fall wardrobe out of hiding and enjoy wearing it again.

With most young people in school, travelling in the fall months can be enjoyable for many older travellers. They can avoid large tourist groups, take their time at popular attractions, and enjoy the mild weather by having tea at outdoor cafes. Many destinations offer fall festivals to attract visitors during the off-season, so there are a variety of attractions to see and activities to do in October.