Saturday 22 June 2024

5 Skills You Should Look For While Hiring A Software Tester?

5 Skills You Should Look For While Hiring A Software Tester?

Testing is the most important and an essential part of any project related to software and there is no doubt that you need a talented tester, who can understand the requirement of a client or a particular project and test the software, from time to time, before making its final delivery. Earlier, software testing was taken as something that did not require special skill or talent.

In the modern era, most of the companies look for a talented software tester. The essential skills, which need to be assessed are taken care by proper online aptitude test for software testing at the time of recruitment. As a recruiter what skills you should look in the software tester is something that you need to learn and understand.

Here are listed skills, that every great software should have, which you can use as a basic checklist while hiring the right software tester for your organization.

5 Skills You Should Look For While Hiring A Software Tester?

Analytical and Logical Thinking

The main object of testing is to find out the errors which you can not find, with a brief overview a mere working of a software doesn’t give it a thumbs up, showing that everything is right. To make the role of the tester effective, he must be able to understand the present scenario and find out the possible solutions.So when you are hiring a candidate, do make sure you are testing his analytical and logical thinking this can be made easier by using any online test for software testing.

Intellectual Curiosity

The candidate’s curiosity about asking things while providing an exceptional approach is necessary for this role.When you are handling any technical stage of the interview just make sure that candidate is putting up many questions to you, as this can be his ability to check out things and to coordinate with other team members, who are mainly developing the software.

Critical Thought

The quality of thought should be tested if you are hiring for the role of a software tester.You can include any questions in the pre-employment test which you think will give you a clear idea about the thought process.The quality of his thought process plays a vital role as he can take charge of various research and find relevant information.He should be open minded and have right decision-making power.

Knowledge of Testing Tools & Techniques

It is mandatory for testers to have the good knowledge of different tools and techniques which are required in software testing. The sound knowledge of different testing types required which can help them work on any project. Candidate must have knowledge about various testing tools so that he can check out the great testing practice of the software.

Effective Communications Skills

Every tester should also have good oral and written communication skills. By good communications, it means that the candidate should have good written and spoken skills along with good proficiency in the language. Good communication will help the tester to demonstrate a high degree of understanding of his team members which can help him convey messages directly to the client and understand his requirements.

Good Programming Skills

When we usually talk about the programming skills, you might think that the tester does not need to do the development work, but the candidate has to have some basic knowledge of programming.It will help him to look inside the development work and would make it easier for him to understand the issues, developers are facing.