Saturday 15 May 2021

5 Summer Style Trends That’ll Reinvent Your Wardrobe

5 Summer Style Trends That’ll Reinvent Your Wardrobe

While winter clothing revolves around bundling up with clever layering techniques and cozy fabrics, summer style is all about free, easy and fun fashion. Warm weather and sunny days encourage everyone to embrace a slinkier style, show a little skin, and prepare for long days spent soaking up the sun. Breaking into your supply of summer go-to’s guarantees that you have dependable favorites that can be relied on year after year, but it can also be dull and repetitive to don the same pieces every time the weather warms up. If you’re looking to switch up your summer style, keep reading for 5 trends that will reinvent your warm-weather wardrobe.

Kaftan Dresses

Silk kaftan dresses are the ultimate way to embrace effortless summer fashion. The loose and breezy material ensures that you won’t overheat during your time in the sun, creating a comfortable and carefree outfit perfect for any occasion. Throw your kaftan dress on over a swimsuit as a stylish cover-up during a trip to the beach, or pair this flowing dress with heels and some nice jewelry to create the ideal ensemble for a night on the town. Whatever style you might be looking for, kaftan dresses add a boho chic element to any wardrobe that will definitely push your summer style into the modern realm.


While bikinis have been the cornerstone of summer style for years, women’s tankini swimwear is steadily moving back into the spotlight. Tankinis are the center point between bikinis and one-pieces, allowing women to choose silhouettes that perfectly flatter their specific body types to ensure that they feel comfortable and confident. Available in a variety of styles, these easy swimsuits can hug your body to amplify your curves. Their versatility and sophisticated appearance make these suits a must-have addition to your summer swimwear. 

Bucket Bags

Bucket Bags

Say goodbye to too-small bags that can’t hold all your summer necessities—the extra-large bucket bag is back. Built to withstand any adventure and large enough to hold all of your warm-weather essentials, bucket bags are a stylish and functional addition to any outfit. Get a neutral-tone bag that will pair perfectly with any ensemble or embrace crazy prints that are sure to stand out in a crowd—either way, the easy practicality and oversized appearance of these powerful carryalls are sure to add a dose of interest to your summer style.

Pastel Colors

This year, embrace the feel of a summer wedding in your everyday fashion by buying yourself a few pastel pieces. Pastel dresses dominated the 2018 spring/summer collections of big designers, easily pushing the sweet and romantic shades into the summer spotlight. Lilac is particularly popular this year, but pale shades of pink and green also made a noteworthy appearance. Whatever color you are drawn to, the beautiful designs and delicate fabrics of these charming colors ensure that they will easily earn their place as your favorite summer go-to’s.

Puff Sleeves

Puff Sleeves

The fashion of the 80’s is rolling back around in 2018 with many designers embracing the signature puff sleeves that characterized that era. This compelling style creates a broad-shouldered look that can easily be pair with high-waisted jeans, shorts, or skirts to create a vintage-inspired, fashion-forward look. The square style will keep you cool during the summer months, and it is guaranteed to bring a sense of creative innovation to your summer wardrobe.

Summer is a time of revival and restoration, allowing you to recover from cold winter months spent indoors. Your summer style should reflect the carefree enjoyment of the world around you, and the ability to embrace a new season of living. While some summer basics will never go out of style, incorporating contemporary trends ensures that your clothing will always be on the cutting edge of current fashion. Embrace these new trends and add some exciting flavor to your summer style now!


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