Monday 15 July 2024

5 Tech Toys To Pair With Your Brand New Car

5 Tech Toys To Pair With Your Brand New Car

Buying a new car is always an exciting experience. While not every make or model may provide the full-range of features and amenities that drivers may be interested in, a few aftermarket additions can make all the difference. From dash cams and remote location tracking to an miniature drink cooler, the latest tech toys may prove to be an essential addition to your brand new car.

5 Tech Toys To Pair With Your Brand New Car

Dash Cams

A relatively simple concept, dash cams have experienced a massive surge in popularity over the past few years. Footage from a cam can be invaluable following a collision or other mishap. Having a record of events can be a key asset when filing an insurance claim or choosing to take legal action following an accident.

Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring

Tires that are either over or underinflated can be a real issue. From impaired fuel economy to an increased risk of blowout or loss of traction, maintaining the correct pressure is essential. Wireless pressure sensors make it much easier to keep an eye on your new tires.

Mobile Connectivity

Vehicles that are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capable can allow you to connect your smartphone to your dashboard display. Integrated texting, calling and access to a full range of mobile apps through the system helps to minimize potential distractions whenever you are behind the wheel. Learning more about mobile connectivity from a Chevy truck dealer can be a smart move.

Location Tracking

Being able to look up the location of your new car can help your family to stay in touch. Location tracking can also be important should the vehicle be stolen. Being able to find your vehicle with the push of a button is not a feature that you may want to be without.

Mini Electric Cooler

An on-board drink compartment or mini electric cooler can be just the thing during rush hour or a long commute. Having a cold drink close at hand helps to ensure a more comfortable trip. Coolers are perfect for those who drive long distances or find themselves eating lunch behind the wheel.

Access to the latest features and gadgets can allow you to make the most of your new vehicle. Vehicles that lack the right features could leave you feeling less than thrilled with your new purchase. Pairing the right tech toys with your new car can make hitting the road a far more enjoyable experience.