Tuesday 07 September 2021

5 Things To Know Before Playing The Live Escape Room Game

5 Things To Know Before Playing The Live Escape Room Game

Live escape rooms have become a hype among the people of all generations. These are indeed fun and gives an adrenaline rush. Once you and your friends have decided that your group is going to experience this amazing live escape room game, London the first thing that comes to your mind is how will the whole process be, what kind of experience will I have and much more. In short, your anxiety increases.

This blog will give you a fair idea of a few things that you must have knowledge of before hitting the live escape room London floor.

5 Things To Know Before Playing The Live Escape Room Game

Escape Room Games are not difficult

By having a glance of the pictures of the themed rooms, it may at first seem difficult, but the truth is the other way round. The game is challenging and that’s what makes it more fun. You have to keep your cool and concentrate. This will help you escape the room in the given span of time. Just remember nothing is difficult in this world and neither is the escape room game. You have to be confident and engage in more rigorous teamwork to beat the game.

You need to work as a team

The main pros of the live escape room game London is that no one can be a sole hero of this game. In order to win, one needs to work as a team. This in turn improves the efficiency in an individual to work calmly with a team. So, to beat the game, you need to have a great and dedicated team of individuals from different fields, so that each can have knowledge of something that will be the requirement while looking for the clues.

You can wear whatever you like

There is no dress code for the live escape room game. You can wear whatever you feel like. But, it will be beneficial if you wear comfortable clothes and shoes as you don;’t know what situation you are going to be inside the live escape room London. You maybe required to crawl, or jump or anything it can be. So, to keep yourself calm and look for clues, wearing comfortable clothes forms utter necessary.

Know your teammates

If you book a live escape room game with your friends, then you will know each other and comfortably work as a team. But, what if you do not know everyone in the team? There may be other people in your team as well? In such a case, you need to bond over the new teammates , before stepping into the themed room. Have a casual conversation with your new team over some caffeine before hand.

Neither be talkative nor be an introvert

Too much of these extreme cases can dissolve the fun. If you are too much talkative, then refrain yourself from doing so, inside the room and try to listen more. Remember that it is a teamwork and everyone should have the platform to speak up. Also, if you are shy, then start talking. Shyness can lead you to nowhere in the live escape room game. You have spent a lot of money, so you need to fully indulge yourself in the game to have some fun.

With these five things in mind, you can go ahead and start playing the game. Also, after you win, do not forget to celebrate with all your teammates. Have fun and enjoy the adrenalin rush while playing the live escape room game, London.

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