Tuesday 27 February 2024

5 Tips To Choose The Right Hunting Vest

You can put down lists of items that and call them as essential hunting gear such as hunting boots, knives, backpack, first aid kit etc. On the other hand there are items that might be non-essential but can provide you added benefits for example hunting vests or hunting socks. These items allow you to be more practical and make you more comfortable and safer. Today, we will be discussing 5 tips to choose the right hunting vest. Hunting vest should be more focused on their function rather than on the style. Hunting vests are specifically designed for hunting different animals e.g. you will able to fine deer hunting vests, squirrel hunting vests, turkey hunting vests, etc.

5 Tips To Choose The Right Hunting Vest

The 5 tips for choosing the right hunting vest are listed below:

  1. Identify the purpose of having a vest: As mentioned earlier, different types of hunting have their own specific requirements. You should know why do you want a hunting vest, can’t the function be served without a vest? Know that if you want the vest for camouflage, insulation (weather protection), or for scent blocking.
    • Vest for camouflage: Camoflage vest will help you to blend with the environment and therefore, minimize your chances of being noticed by the animal. Animals have a sharp vision and many times can spot the hunter from a fair distance. If you are hunting in a jungle you need a dark green and brown camouflage vest. Similarly, if you are hunting in snow, you would need a white camouflage vest.
    • Vest for insulation: A vest should always be insulated and give you a warm feeling. If you are hunting in the cold then look for a vest that has moisture wicking feature.
    • Vest for scent blocking: Along with vision, animals also have a very sharp sense of smell. They can smell humans and assess the associated danger. If you are hunting larger animals such as a bear, you will need scent blocking vests that can mask your human smell.
  1. Look for waterproof: Waterproof vests obviously offer greater protection and that’s why they are usually preferred over vests that are lack waterproof properties. If you are hunting in the cold then waterproof should be your first choice as they allow you to stay dry, warm and comfortable.
  1. Avoid cotton: Cotton is the least preferred material for hunting vests. It takes greater time to dry, is heavier and offers less protection. In comparison to cotton, polyester is more comfortable and does not easily tear.
  1. Storage space: A vest should allow you to keep all necessary items in the immediate reach. Your vest should have many pockets. It should also not be over designed and feel heavy to put on.
  1. Know the state laws: Some states require hunters to follow a specific dress code. It is better to know the state laws regarding hunting vests. Usually states have a pick for blaze orange vests.

Finding a good vest does not have to be a very difficult decision. There are a wide range of products that will suit your needs. Always determine your price range and find the best features within that range.