Thursday 30 November 2023

8 Facts About Remote Car Starters

Among many accessories in the market, remote car starters are likely among the least understood. We have heard wrong information floating around and car owners should dispel any myth related to remote starters:

1. Remote starters don’t waste gas:

In reality, we can improve gas mileage by warming up the car before using it. The engine will consume more gasoline and work overtime if we hop in the car and just take off while it’s still very cold. Heating and thinning the oil can improve the mileage and longevity of the engine. With remote car starter, we could turn on the car from inside the house, instead of going out in a very cold morning.

8 Facts About Remote Car Starters

2. Remote starters work well with manual transmission:

Manufacturers of remote starters have added a number of features in their products. As an example, the starter won’t start the car if it isn’t neutral gear. Putting our car in neutral gear before we go out of the car is a matter of habit and it is a very simple task. We should be able to enjoy the same level of convenience and comfort as people with automatic cars.

3. Remote starters are still useful when we park in driveway:

Many owners park their car in the driveway at home. But there are no driveways at the restaurant, movies and mall.

4. Remote starters can make our car more secure:

High-end remote can reach cars from 800 feet away and if we are already in a long line at the restaurant or movies, we don’t need to worry whether we have locked the door. The remote starter also includes lock button to disable the car and lock the door. These added features will improve the overall safety of our cars.

5. Remote starters can work with chip-based keys:

Many newer cars work with chip-based keys, which prevent hotwiring. Remote starters actually hotwire the car in a controlled way; as if the driver turns the key in the ignition. Remote starters can work with chip-based keys, because they have a bypass module.

6. Remote starters should be installed by professionals:

Because newer car models are relatively more sophisticated, it can be reasonably complex to integrate car starters. Installers would need to be reasonably skilled with countless hours of training.

7. Remote starters are still useful even if you have garage:

It is true that having a garage is quite convenient, because we don’t have to go outside to warm up the car. However, there are no garages in movie theatres, offices, local eateries and supermarkets. There are plenty uses of remote starters when we are away from home.

8. Car owners can use remote starters often:

Car owners would immediately find that remote starters are useful in many occasions. During frigid winter months, people wouldn’t enjoy the prospect of waiting inside the car to warm it up. On hot summer days, we can turn on the car a few minutes before we depart, so the air conditioning can cool the interior. Remote starters can save us many minutes during busy days.

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