Saturday 08 May 2021

90s Fashion Trends That Live On!

90s Fashion Trends That Live On!

Yes we ‘re frequent visitors to most online shopping sites that are currently in circulation and online shopping fashion is definitely on the fast track towards evolution. Fashion these days has evolved greatly from the utilitarian or bling-y themed outfits and accessories of the past. However, there are several fashion trends from the 90s which continue to live on and are well on their way towards becoming semi-immortal since women somehow continue to love them. These relevant 90s fashion trends can be witnessed in online shopping fashion trends of today and the collections of several online shopping sites.

What are these trends that we’re talking about? You’ll get to see in a moment but we must state that fashion has a funny way of bringing trends back into circulation even though they are written off or simply phased out in a particular phase or era. This is the beauty of mainstream fashion and this is why certain styles are labeled timeless even today. What we’re about to explore is not something we’re going to outright call timeless or lifetime trends. We’re simply looking at 90s fashion trends which have managed to stay relevant and live on in fashion collections, our wardrobes and popular culture. Most of us have spent our childhoods in the 90s watching television programmes like Mahabharat and Small Wonder among others. If you’re one of the flock, this will definitely be a nostalgic trip that you’d like taking!

Crop tops are one of the biggest trends from the 90s and can be seen on virtually all online shopping sites for women today. Women are taking to crop tops like ducks to water after global fashion icons like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna popularized them all over again. Most teenage women and many women (including us) wear crop tops outdoors and there are several types, varieties and styles that you can choose from in this regard. From regular wear to nightclubs and casual outings with friends and family members, crop tops are one of the most versatile 90s trends which have stayed on and continue to scale new heights of popularity.

90s Fashion Trends That Live On!

Flannel is another element that has made a huge comeback and is being donned by almost everyone from Rihanna to Kim Kardashian to Gwen Stefani and even Katie Holmes. Oversized flannels are in and this was a 90s fashion trend in case you don’t remember. If you really watched Small Wonder in the old days, you’d notice the flannel shirts worn by Jamie Lawson, the son of Ted Lawson in the show. They were worn by almost everyone back then and they’re back with a bang!

Ripped jeans have also managed to live on despite being such a 90s fashion thing. From leading heroes like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar to heroines like DeepikaPadukone, Anushka Sharma and Priyanka Chopra, ripped jeans are currently dominating popular culture just like the heroes in the 90s.

Hoop earrings attained peak popularity in the 90s though actresses like Sadhana and Madhubala wore them even in the 50s and 60s. However, these timeless beauties (yes they deserve the timeless tag) are big winners even today. Going retro is not always as boring/bad as it seems. Almost every global/Bollywood celebrity is seen wearing their big hoop earrings from Sonam Kapoor and DeepikaPadukone to Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie these days.

Babydolldresses represent another fashion trend which managed to live on and is hot property today! Hot in the online shopping fashion space, these now come in several contemporary avatars and prints.

90s Fashion Trends That Live On!

Plaid dressing has never gone out of fashion as well and that too over two decades! The plaid trend is engulfing pants, skirts and blazers left, right and centre these days! If you want a 90s reference, you can look up the popular movie Clueless.

Printed tights are also managing to stay relevant and are often witnessed on winter/fall collection catalogues. These are perfect for those who’re into loads of EDM (not generalizing) and love something funky instead of conventional.

Even overalls from the 90s are back in fashion and Miley Cyrus has to be given a lot of credit for this. She wore these charming yet primarily utilitarian (earlier) garments to major TV shows and this makes her our queen of 90s fashion with her sporting doc martens, vintage clothing, crop tops and what not!

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