Monday 20 May 2024

A Complete Traveller’s Guide To Grenada

Grenada Town 2

There are a lot of reasons why Grenada distinguishes itself in the entire Caribbean region. Surrounded by gorgeous, serene beaches, lush mountains and rainforest-covered interior, Grenada passport gives you legal access to explore the island’s beauty up, close and personal.

A Complete Traveller’s Guide To Grenada

The capital city of St. George’s is small yet elegant in almost every way and the prettiest. Although less developed from tourist point of view than Barbados and Jamaica; much work has been done to make it equally competent. Here are some crucial details if you’re flying to the island:

Why choose Grenada?

Grenada has the finest selection of hotels, memorable restaurants and lively nightspots; all suits your budget. South-west corner of the island is most appealing to reside, eat, drink and accessibility to excellent beaches in the St. George’s.

With the size equivalent to that of the Isle of Wight, there’s a lot to see and do in Grenada especially trekking through the rainforest. Other major activities include seafaring around the protected bays indented deeply to the south coast alongside diving.

The reefs and wrecks along with underwater sculpture park are worth exploring all with a valid Grenada passport. As you drive around the island, there are lots of flower pots painted in red, gold and green colors everywhere representing the national flag.

Billboards celebrates the achievements of Kirani James; proud winner of the 2012 Olympics gold medal for running 400-metres. In Rio Olympics 2016, he won silver medal.

What’s the Best Time to Visit?

Both weather and traveller’s budget matters to decide upon the time of visit! From climate point of view, the months from January to April are best as it’s least humid and humble whereas September and October are worst of all as it’s the peak of hurricane season. If you wish seeing nature’s fury lash against Grenada’s coast and witness the storm’s might, perhaps the hurricane season is best.

When cost is considered, accommodation rates soars a little from mid of December to April than other times of the year. You may find some excellent travel packages during summer and autumn like free hotel nights however, you’re likely to pay heavily on intercontinental flights during school-holiday period.

Travel experts recommend visiting Grenada during May and June as weather is excellent and so are the villa and hotel rates.

What are the Best Places to Visit?

Most of the facilities that cater tourists are in the south-west corner of the island, lined with perfect beaches, hotels, restaurants and bars. Rainforest trekking and scenic waterfalls can be witnessed in the capital city of St. George’s whereas heading up to the north is a chance to explore the rum distillery and nutmeg factory.

Local laws & custom

  • Although Grenada is a safe and secure Caribbean island, care must be taken when heading out in the dark. Visiting the beach at night isn’t preferred!
  • Booking a hotel room directly without any intermediary will save you around 10 percent service charges and tax rates.


So if you’ve a valid Grenada passport, make the most of traveling to the Spice Island from the details above.