Monday 26 February 2024

A Refreshing 12 Hour Drive From Bangalore To Explore The Cave Temples Of Badami

Karnataka has a number of places that are popular amongst the tourists throughout India. Badami is one such place. Formerly known as Vatapi, this place falls in the Bagalkot district. Between 540 to 757, Badami was the regal capital of the rulers of Chalukya Dynasty. You can plan a short trip to Badami during your visit to Karnataka or Bangalore. Hotels in Badami offer reasonable accommodation for the tourists and you can make advance reservations as well.  

A Refreshing 12 Hour Drive From Bangalore To Explore The Cave Temples Of Badami                                                                                   

Here are some of the popular places that you can visit in Badami:

  1. Badami Cave Temples – Carved out of a huge cliff of sandstone, Badami Cave temples showcase the architectural finesse of the Chalukyas period. Located in the ravines and surrounding the Agastya Lake, these temples are built in Nagara and Dravidian styles. It is a must-visit attraction in Badami and worth keeping some pictures of this outstanding, ancient temple.
  2. Badami Fort – Only the ruins of what once stood as a fort now remains, but it is always worth to check out the historic places for once they harbored a grand tale. The gates and the walls are still there in the fort and besides these, there is a canon from the old times. The location and surroundings of Badami Fort is nice and you can spend a good time around here.
  3. Malegitti Shivalaya – It is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is built above the Badami Fort. From here you can spot the Agastya Lake.
  4. Mallikarjuna Temples – These temples were built in the 11th century and these are pyramidal in shape. You can take a note of the architecture and spend some time in the premises that are covered by well-maintained and clean lawns. A time spent on some spiritual quest complemented by vestiges of history is definitely worth.
  5. Bhutanatha Temples – This is another series of temples in Badami. It is again made in a different manner and exhibits the architectural qualities of the past. It is situated just beside the lake.

Badami, as you can gather, is a place of religious and historic significance. If you have an interest in history or have a deeper faith in the age-old temples, Badami is the place to visit in Karnataka. For further expedition around the place, you can head toward Khyad and Hire Gudda among other places. Badami region is known for a string of pre-historic places which have rock shelters, megalithic burial sites and old paintings for your interest. There is even inscriptions in the caves which are of some historic significance. The place is quaint with entirely countryside setting, but you can get 3 star hotel in Badami, nonetheless. Nearest airport is in Belgaum about 150 km away. From Bangalore, it takes about 12 hours to reach here. Hubli to Badami takes 3 hours. Local and international climbers also arrive here significantly for cliff-climbing.