Saturday 24 July 2021

Adapt Video Marketing Strategy For Your Organization

Adapt Video Marketing Strategy For Your Organization

Organizations need to reach out to their customers on a constant basis and there are several traditional methods that have been adapted to do the same. The advent of internet, however, has added an important dimension to the mix of marketing dynamics – the online or the digital platform. Organizations cannot afford to ignore the online platform as part of their marketing strategy. While content generation is of great help, there is a pertinent need to move closer to the potential customer and engage her in an efficient manner to entice and build brand loyalty. Adapting a video marketing strategy seems to be of vital importance in sync with the present business dynamics.

Many companies, including some among the Fortune 500, have begun adapting the video marketing strategies: reason – it’s a sure shot tool to capture the attention of and captivate the audience!

Adapt Video Marketing Strategy For Your Organization

For organizations thatare yet to decide if video is indeed the upcoming tool for brand promotion, here are a few reasons why you may want to go the video way:

Direct Connect:Say what you must, but video is probably the best way to directly connect with your audience. Video brings about a totally new dimension to the way you can project your brand and organization plus it has the ability to engage audience! The ultimate objective of marketing is to get closer to the customer, know their choices and help them connect with your product first and thenyour brand. The video achieves this in a big way as it arouses the customer’s visual and cognitive impulses.

Viewer Frequency: While the internet is flooded with an enormous amount of content, video seems to be cutting across demographics as the most favoured medium. As per a report by a company that tracks online engagements of people, over 45% of the internet users have viewed at least one video in a month and the average users have been exposed to at least 32 videos a month. This statistic speaks a lot about the importance of video in communicating and promoting brands,and how video is fast becoming the favoured medium. An organization needs to be in sync with the changing marketing trends and video is just about the relevant tool to help organizations ride the digital wave.

Content Channel: Pages of information can be communicated in a few minutes of video– that’s the power of the video. Organizations are required to publish new and relevant content continuously on their web platforms to engage current customers and attract potential customers. Video is perhaps the most effective channel to relay the required content in an efficient and engaging manner. More and more companies are resorting to video as their main marketing tool for its engaging and rapid content delivery advantages. There several enterprise video solutionsout there to help deliver the desired content in the most engaging manner.

Omni-locational: The unique thing about videos is that they can be played, displayed, and re-played across a multitude of channels. Starting from the organization’s own website, the videos can be floated across other mediums such as Facebook, LinkedIn,and YouTube. In fact, more and more people are looking for information on these platforms and companies stand to gain a lot if they can exploit these platforms to enlighten and attract the customers through videos. These distribution channels have become relevant sources of information on organizations and also are an extended marketing arm.

Total Recall: Video has been found to be the most effective tool to bring in brand re-calls on the digital platform. According to a report by Online Publishers Association, 80% of the internet users have recalled viewing a video ad over the last 30 days, close to half of them took further action in searching for further information and some of them even purchased the product they have seen on the video ad. Using videos for marketing your products not only enhances your brand re-call but also plays a significant role in converting viewers into buyers.

Videos are definitely a great way to market your brand and organization,and a good number of companies are investing in video solutions for businesseven as we speak. A tech-driven business landscape, low attention span of the customer and the demand for quality information are driving organizations to seek out better ways to engage and entice customers –video marketing just about fits therole.


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