Sunday 05 March 2023

Advantages Digital Media Has To Offer In Comparison To Traditional Marketing Methods

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As you may have undoubtedly seen for yourself technology and social media is having a profound impact on the way we choose to behave socially, how we act as consumers and essentially, how we choose to do business. In this overview, we’ll take a look at 5 distinctive advantages that digital media has to offer in comparison to traditional marketing
1) Affordability
One of the advantages you will gain if you utilize digital media is the fact that it’s more affordable than traditional marketing. Let’s take a look at television commercials for example. If a small business owner wanted to receive a decent return on investment from a commercial ad, that business owner would have to spend thousands of dollars due to the fact that commercials are only effective whenever the consumer sees it repetitively. Now if that very same business owner where to invest in Facebook’s advertising platform, not only would it be more affordable than a TV commercial, that business owner would be able to gain brand awareness as well as the opportunity to secure leads and sales for a fraction of what he/she would have paid otherwise.
2) Easier To Measure
The reality of the fact is that traditional marketing methods do not enable the opportunity to track real time results. Therefore, the process of measure the results of your efforts via traditional marketing can prove to be complicated to say the least. However, by utilizing digital media in coordination with a website tool such as Google analytics, you can measure your traffic and essentially gain some insight as to how you can achieve your specific goals.
3) Real Time Results
One of the other advantages this type of marketing technique has over traditional marketing methods is the fact that you can receive real time results within hours if not days. Unlike a billboard ad which may get an individual to take action, weeks after it was initially placed up, by utilizing digital media, you can see the results of your efforts almost instantaneously such as peak trading times, subscriber rate increase, number of visitors and conversion rates just to name a few.
4) Massive Exposure
With digital media, your marketing efforts aren’t just restricted to being seen by a select audience. Through digital media, your business will essentially be seen by anyone from anywhere. Just imagine how much more expensive it would be to try and gain that massive amount of exposure via traditional marketing methods.
5) Not Intrusive
Statistics demonstrates that people are responding less and less to intrusive advertisements and are more favorable of less intrusive ads. One of the beautiful things is that digital marketing essentially gives the audience the opportunity to opt in or out of communication that they deem relevant or the latter.
6) Higher Level Of Engagement
Through digital media, your business can essentially encourage and entice your prospects, to take action. Regardless if that action may be to buy a product or service, tell a friend about your company, visitor your website, learn more about your company, product or services and more. You simply would not be able to get that level of engagement through traditional marketing methods which are really hit or misses.
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