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All About XAT Exam and Related Question Papers

All About XAT Exam and Related Question Papers

XAT exam is said to comprise of an objective paper. The time by which the exam is to be completed is two hours. Three sections are provided in the XAT question paper, which are as follows:

  1. Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation
  2. Decision making and Analytical reasoning
  3. Logical reasoning and verbal ability

Also,  is present negative marking if answers are given wrong in the exam. Hence, the candidate is required to understand the XAT exam pattern and slowly, attempt the different questions present. A low attempt would not mean that the person would not be in a position to score better as well as clear cut-off. It is important to focus more upon accuracy, rather than maximizing attempts,  to lose out marks because of negative marking in the exam.

All About XAT Exam and Related Question Papers

About the XAT question paper

When it comes to approaching the About XAT Exam question paper, three sections are present in it having 31 questions related to Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability section, 40 questions with regards to Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation, 30 questions related to Decision making and Analytical Reasoning. An essay is also provided, where the candidates are provided with twenty minutes for writing on a particular topic. It is only thorough practice that is likely to see the candidates to complete the essay on time.

Scores can be maximized in the Verbal section. Unlike that of the previous papers, the last few exams were said  not have any questions related to Figures of Speech. They got replaced with questions on Vocabulary. This section’s cut-off was expected about 10. Questions related to Analytical Reasoning section is quite time consuming, which means without sufficient practice,  completing them on time can be a tough task. Decision making is another area where students can score, but it does needs good judgment skills. A good amount of time is to be left for solving the logic puzzles. The reason is because,  they are time consuming and difficult as well. Some questions are also present on Quantitative section, where scores can be increased on attempting them.

Planning and strategizing to approach the exam

Generally, the difficult part is Data Interpretation. Difficult questions are often dropped by students, so that they can focus on the easier ones. Trying to figure out the easy questions, is considered to be important for scoring high in the XAT Examination. A proper and effective strategy is to be devised which could be easily modified at the last moment, if such a need arises.

How to approach the XAT Exam confidently?

The best way suggested by the experts is to take out sufficient time for studying for the exam. Since there are different sections, with some being easy and the others tough, one has to ensure that proper practice is placed, so that confidence can be gained and the exam approached without any panic or fear. Joining a reputed institute that is known to have helped candidates in huge numbers in clearing the XAT exam can be the right step to be taken.

The XAT exam is a tough one and hence, aspiring candidates are to put in sufficient time to devise out a proper strategy and plan to qualify it. Knowing about the patterns of the XAT paper can really help to develop confidence.