Wednesday 29 November 2023

An Overview of Driveway Styles and Materials

You can enhance the look of your driveway using various types of materials. For example, some of the materials used for driveways include exposed aggregate, coloured concrete, plain concrete, stencilled and slate impression concrete, and pave cut designs.

Therefore, you can match your driveway material to the architectural style of your house and easily integrate it with your landscape. Because the way you have your yard landscaped can add as much as 10% to your property’s value, the selection of a driveway material should be a high priority.

How about an Exposed Aggregate?

One of the most popular driveway applications is one that features exposed aggregate. That is because this high-quality material has a contemporary look and is available in a range of colours and textures. This type of material also suits all kinds of architectural looks and landscapes.

The exposed aggregate surface displays the natural and attractive features of such stones as shells and pebbles, including crushed stones. So, if you want to enhance the interest and look of your drive, this is the material to select.

An Overview of Driveway Styles and Materials

Coloured Concrete

Coloured concrete, as the name suggests, comes in various hues and tones. It is also extremely durable. The concrete is produced by mixing a coloured oxide into the concrete before it is laid. That way, the homeowner is ensured that his or her driveway will present an even and rich colour and tone. However, if you wish to exhibit an even deeper colour, you should also have your driveway sealed.

Textured Concrete

Plain concrete driveways in South Melbourne are an affordable solution to refreshing the look of a driveway. Plain concrete can also rejuvenate the look of your outdoor patio area. If you wish to present a textured finish, then ask the contractor to finish the driveway with a stipple.

Slate Impression Concrete Finishes

You can also choose an application that features a slate impression concrete finish. This type of look is completed by stamping mats that are slate-textured into concrete that is ready-mixed. If you want to produce a look that resembles slate tiles but is also economical, this is the type of driveway finish you should choose.

Pave Cut Concrete

Pave cut concrete is yet another popular selection. People like this type of driveway finish as it has a slate and paver appearance. In order to create this look, plain or coloured concrete is laid. The driveway is then cut employing a diamond saw, which produces a paved design. This is the ideal driveway solution for anyone who wants to display a paver look without putting out the expense for it.

Whilst you have your driveway repaved, you might also think about adding concrete for a patio area. Again, if you concentrate on your landscape and hardscape, you will increase the kerb appeal of your property and add to its value at the same time. That is why it is fun to make upgrades of this type. You do not have to knock out a wall or build an extension. However, you can make a noted difference in how your property looks overall.