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Apple iPhone 4s With iOS 9: Compatibility With iOS 9

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The Apple iPhone 4s is, the fifth generation of the iPhone devices and the most sold iPhone in the history of Apple Inc. It was manufactured, developed and released by Apple Inc. it is the successor of Apple iPhone 4 and preceded by Apple iPhone 5. The official announcement was on 4 October, 2013 and officially sold at retail on 14 October, 2013 in five major countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Japan and in United States. With this iPhone, Apple Inc. debuted a new personal assistant called Siri. And, it is rumoured that with Apple iOS 9, this iPhone would more innovative in 2015).

Apple iPhone 4s With iOS 9 Compatibility With iOS 9

Specifications of Apple iPhone 4s

Well, the Apple iPhone 4s has been the most innovative touchscreen smartphone in 2013 with features and applications like Siri, iCloud, Reminders and iMessage. But with Apple iOS 9, Siri would be humanize, less reliability on iTunes, embracing of Jailbreaking and new features in Camera and Photos. Well, there are also special specifications which made this fifth generation iPhone very special. The specifications are:

  • Operating system (Original: iOS 5.0; Current: iOS 8.1.2)
  • Chip (Dual-core Apple A5)
  • CPU (1.0 GHz, dual-core ARM Cortex-A9)
  • Graphics (Power VR SGX543MP2)
  • Memory (512 MB DDR2 RAM)
  • Storage            (32 and 64 GB discontinued in 2012; 16 GB discontinued in 2013; 8 GB introduced in 2013; 8 GB discontinued in 2014)
  • Battery (~1430 mAh)
  • Data inputs (Multi-touch touchscreen display; Dual microphone; 3-axis gyroscope; 3-axis accelerometer; Digital compass; Proximity sensor; Ambient light sensor)
  • Display (89 mm; 3:2 aspect ratio widescreen; LED backlit IPS TFT LCD; Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating on front and back glass)
  • Rear camera (Sony Exmor 8 MP back-side illuminated sensor)
  • Front camera (0.3 MP VGA)
  • Sound (Single loudspeaker)
  • Connectivity (Wi-Fi; Bluetooth 4.0)

Apple iOS 8 with Apple iPhone 4s

Considerably, iPhone 4s was highly compatible with iOS 8 but with few problems such battery draining fast and over-heating. But new version of Siri was quite impressive. Well, Apple iPhone 4s was coming with pre-installed iOS 5.0 but after updating it with iOS 8. This Apple product was much better working. With new features such iCloud Drive and Spotlight, iPhone 4s got much more impressive working than before.

Compatibility with iOS 9

So, the talk about Apple iOS 9 is on fire these days and everyone knows that Apple iPhone 4s will be compatible with new version iOS. It is believed that features and updates like improvement in Photos and Camera applications, the iPhone 4s users will be able to get more out of it. So, the suggested features and updates are:

  • Proper parental controls
  • Multiuser support/user accounts
  • FaceTime video messages
  • Group FaceTime calls
  • Split-screen multitasking
  • Ability to change default apps
  • To delete or at least hide the defaults applications
  • Battery-saving mode
  • Ability to add apps and settings to Control Centre
  • Better Home screen widgets
  • Smaller file when upgrading iOS
  • Calculator on iPad
  • iMessage upgrade
  • Wider social-media integration
  • Improved integration between Contacts and Facebook
  • Better Photos app
  • New feature of Subfolders

But, we have to wait for everything now till September, 2015. You will be surprised and happy to see the new Apple iPhone 4s and Apple iOS 9.