Sunday 05 March 2023

Are Cloud Systems Better Than Traditional Desktop Softwares?

They all have different sizes and goals, but businesses across the globe are turning to cloud technology at an alarming rate.  And, this goes beyond the idea of simply using cloud storage over on-site servers.  More and more we see businesses turn to cloud systems over traditional, desktop-based software.

But, why are businesses making the change?  What are the benefits prompting businesses to adopt this modern way of working?  Well, the following advantages certainly help make the decision easier:

How Cloud Systems Enhance Business Processes

  1. Cross-Device Integration

A few decades ago, before mobile communication, business used to be left at the office.  Now, it moves with us.  But, because business has gone mobile, it makes sense that important data can be shared across devices whilst on the go.  After all, having multiple devices is senseless if your important data is split between them.

This is why cloud technology is so vital to modern business. The cloud allows important data to be accessed on any device – keeping it always at hand.Are Cloud Systems Better Than Traditional Desktop Softwares?

  1. Collaboration

Another important tool of modern business is synergy. A team working together will likely produce more effective results than people working autonomously, and do so in a shorter period of time.

Cloud systems allow for this collaboration, even if the members of a particular team are separated.  Thanks to online storage, it is possible to share content, calendars, and the like with team members in order to better pool resources.  And, with certain systems facilitating video conferencing and social-media-inspired chat, connecting with a team is made especially simple.

  1. All-Hour Access

On-site servers mean that any data backed-up at the office can only be accessed from there.  This means that data availability is limited, in these cases, to traditional office hours.

However, with a few exceptions, cloud providers generally offer 99.9% uptime.  This means that it is possible to access important data remotely, and at all hours.  In the modern era of global business, this is essential.

  1. Budget Management

Traditional software solutions often required a large upfront payment for software.  And then, even worse, this required an in-house IT department to manage the servers and maintain the smooth running of the software.

Cloud systems, on the other hand, negate the need for costly software and IT departments.  Good systems require no costly upfront fees and they update automatically, meaning that there is no need for an in-house IT department.

The down scaling of a whole department means savings in salaries as well as physical space.  Without the need for the IT department’s physical presence, it is possible for a company to decrease the size of its premise, resulting in far better-looking budget.Are Cloud Systems Better Than Traditional Desktop Softwares?

Cloud to Become Bigger Than Ever

These are just some of the many benefits of cloud systems as opposed to traditional computing.  But, based only on these, it is no wonder that cloud systems are likely to become more popular than ever over the foreseeable future.

As businesses of all shapes and sizes begin to relinquish old anxieties about cloud systems and trust in the benefits, look for cloud systems to become a staple in business IT.  If you are still not sure whether your business can benefit from cloud systems, our Office 365 support can help you to decide.