Thursday 25 February 2021

Are Skiing Holidays Better In America or Europe?

Are Skiing Holidays Better In America or Europe?

Whether you are a skiing fanatic, a semi-regular skier or somebody who is completely new to the sport you will probably appreciate that you do have several options when it comes to where you may be looking to travel to for your holidays if you ever decide to go skiing. There are so many places all across the world that you can go skiing, and for the most part the very best are in Canada, America or Europe. Most of these resorts will be of the very highest quality and are more than likely to give you exactly what you need in terms of a pretty good skiing holiday if you are a skier that has been doing it for a long time or has just gone to a few resorts.

Are Skiing Holidays Better In America or Europe?

However, what you are looking for in most situations is a family holiday in which everybody is satisfied with the experience and everybody is able to carry out their own activities without feeling like they are beyond or below their skill level. As much as it can be daunting for beginners to go straight onto bigger slopes it is also not favorable for an experienced skier to go down a slope designed for newer skiers. As much as you may wish to suit your own needs first you must think about every individual and what they are going to get out of a skiing holiday before finalizing your decision.

The decision of whether you are going to opt for an American or European location will usually boil down to this need for varying levels of slope among a few other factors. Generally, European ski slopes are a lot friendlier and appreciative towards different skill gaps, and so if you are going with your family and a couple of you have been skiing for you a while, whereas some of the younger ones are first timers then make sure that you look towards European skiing. Additionally, if you are looking for scenic views and experiencing the cultural aspect of a location, then once again Europe is going to offer you this more than America will, as most of the American skiing locations are designed for moderate or advanced skiers as well as having Americanised culture vs. something a little different.

The next thing you will need to look for once you have settled on a European resort is a place in which the needs of every skill level are met as well as being a beautiful place to go. Not all European slopes and ski resorts are like this and there are only a select few that I would recommend and consider, but the best resort I have visited to date is the Meribel ski resort in the French Alps, in which I stayed in the Chalet Madeleine at This particular location suited every single need that I had and gave my family a really great experience. The French Alps also have many scenic routes and beautiful views, which made the entire experience that little bit more special.


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