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Best Places For Practice Diving In The World: Diving Trends For 2017

The best places for practice diving in the world

More and more people want to experience the sensation of submerging themselves in the water either a few meters or deep in the ocean. One of the attractions that most travellers want to practice is diving. Thanks to the massive increase of waterside development, dive, and major waters sports have increased their demand and have become one of the most requested attractions in many countries.

Due to this boom, we have prepared a list of the Diving trends for 2017: Perfect places for practice diving in the world, so grab a pen and paper and take notes with the best spots for practising this fabulous sport.

Diving trends for 2017

1. Australia

Certainly, the most famous place to dive is the Great Barrier Reef, located off the coast of Queensland. This reef, which is so immense, has more than 350 species of coral and more than 1,000 varieties of fish, dolphins, sea turtles or whales. Hundreds of tropical and colourful coral species inhabit the bottom of the sea, a hidden universe that hides, among others, goat fish, Manta Rays, Moray eels and clown fish.

The Great Barrier Reef consisted of 2,300 islands and 3,000 reefs. The Great Barrier Reef compromises more than 2,000 kilometres of extension, from Bundaberg to Cape York, perfect for those sports enthusiasts looking for the best spots for practice diving or snorkelling. Furthermore, Australia is home to other natural treasures worthy of mention. One of them is the largest sand island in the world, Fraser Island. Fraser Island is 123 kilometres long and 25 kilometres wide, and here visitors will find two spectacular enclaves: The red sand cliffs known as The Cathedrals and Lake Mackenzie.

Australia Diving

2. Mexico

Mexico is another fabulous location that always ranks on the top of the list for sports enthusiasts. Probably, Los Cabos is the most beautiful area for expert divers as offers wrecks, caverns, and even underwater waterfalls. In the Sea of Cortez, from Loreto to La Paz and around Los Cabos visitors will find the quieter areas for snorkelling. Isla Mujeres and Cozumel-Quintana Roo also feature excellent locations for diving and snorkelling.

Snorkelling or scuba enthusiasts will find paradise in the Caribbean, with a visibility of up to 60 meters. For the less experienced we suggest visiting the beautiful lagoon Xel-Ha, very close to Tulum. In Cozumel, you will find black coral formations, the remains of an aeroplane and 32 kilometres of reefs, including the Great Maya Reef GAMA, the second longest in the world. Other places to practice this sport are Puerto Vallarta, where you can immerse yourself in the Los Arcos Nature Reserve and Mismaloya Beach.

For beginners, Huatulco is the best place to start practising, as you will find more than 30 kilometres of calm bays with much to explore. Or why not? In Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo -Guerrero where you will discover more than 30 privileged enclaves, among which are luscious shallow coral beaches. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Akumal-Quintana Roo, during summer months as you can watch the big turtles come out of the water and lay their eggs on the beach.

To take the most out of your sports holidays, considered booking a Mayan Riviera Resort and pamper yourself after long hours exploring the seabed of the Caribbean. There isn’t a good list of Diving trends for 2017 without Mexico.

Mexico Diving

3. Mauritius

It’s impossible to travel to Mauritius and not immerse in its warm turquoise waters to observe many marine species, such as turtles, lobsters or butterfly fish, volcanic rocks joined by beautiful corals, sand banks that make up strange figures. Furthermore, we cannot fail to mention its coral reefs, one of the most spectacular in the world.

Some of the famous dive sites in Mauritius are Holt’s Rock, Lobster Rock, Tombant de Pointe aux Canonniers and the sunken ship Stella Maru.

Mauritius Diving

4. Thailand

Scuba diving, snorkelling, canoeing, and rafting are some of the many sports practised on the idyllic coasts of Thailand. Its crystalline and temperate waters all year round, coupled with the high diversity of marine life, coral reefs, and wrecks, have made Thailand the perfect holiday destination for those who like to live unforgettable adventures on the seabed.

Approximately 10 hours by boat from Phuket, visitors will find the National Park of the Surin Islands. This park is the perfect spot to admire the best corals in the country. Similan Islands is another beautiful location to admire the diversity of marine life of the country.  But certainly, the best spot for diving is Koh Krxzadan. Koh Krxzadan islands are perfect for beginner and expert divers, thanks to its unique seabed, coral reefs, tunnels and a large number of caves.

Thailand diving

5. Belize

This beautiful country of Central America always ranks at the top of the list the best places for practice diving in the world.

Belize is a small country easy to discover. The most important spots for diving are in the northern area. To the north, sightings of nurse sharks are prominent. The southern area features dive sites with less affluence, but their atolls have nothing to envy to the north.

Belize diving

Here our list of the Diving trends for 2017. Are you a water sports fan? Have you ever been to any of these beautiful locations? Tell us what you think.