Monday 15 July 2024

Best Restaurants In Dubai You Need To Dine At

Dubai is well known for its tourist destinations. However, it is not only popular for its buildings and malls but also for the food. The variety, taste and ambiance of the restaurants found in Dubai are quite staggering. In fact, if you want the complete vacation and a great experience, this is one of the places you shouldn’t miss. Though there are hundreds of good restaurants in the city, you should try out the ones which are truly excellent and worth dining at.

Here are a couple of the restaurants which you must try when you visit Dubai.


Best Restaurants In Dubai You Need To Dine At

Located inside the Burj Al Arab, this restaurant is truly a great imaginative creation. Though it is not located underwater, diners can enjoy their experience within the aquarium which sets the scene for the restaurant. This is one of the best restaurants in Dubai because it not only has a great variety of food, but also offers a unique experience by lighting the tables with the blue glow from the aquarium. Though the entire menu is great, you must try seafood which has accents of both the east as well as the west.


Best Restaurants In Dubai You Need To Dine At

Though Nobu needs no introduction when it comes to international restaurants, this Dubai based branch is especially popular for their taste and ambiance. The restaurant is located inside the Atlantis Hotel and mixes its edgy Japanese cuisine with Arabian influences to create truly spectacular food. However, the restaurant also serves most of its signature dishes like the seared black cod along with the fusion dishes. The hotel has an open sushi bar but private areas are also available for those who would prefer a more intimate gathering. If you are especially interested in their cuisine, you can even attend their cooking classes.

Zheng He

Best Restaurants In Dubai You Need To Dine At

If you are craving Chinese food and not Japanese, head down to Zheng He, where chef’s blend old Chinese flavors with modern, cutting edge Western presentation. The location of the restaurant, on the dockside of a canal adds to the fusion setting. The ambiance along with the food will have you relaxing and enjoying the view of the Gulf within no time.

Majlis Al Bahar

Best Restaurants In Dubai You Need To Dine At

The Majlis Al Bahar is beautifully located on the private island beach of the Burj Al Arab and though it features no décor, it is the perfect romantic setting. So if you have decided on Dubai as your honeymoon destination, the Majlis Al Bahar is a must do at least for one night. Though you will simply be dining on an elegantly set table, surrounded by sand, the menu offers Middle Eastern as well as Mediterranean dishes which will tantalize your taste buds. For the perfect experience, enjoy your dinner at sunset and it will be a time you will cherish forever.

Dubai is full of great experiences and destinations, and if you make the most of your dining time at these restaurants, you will without a doubt recommend your friends to visit.