Wednesday 02 June 2021

Best Ways To Transport Rented Equipment

Best Ways To Transport Rented Equipment

Moving equipment from one place to another can be a complicated task. The heavier the equipment, the more complicated the process becomes. While the task will not get any easier, having a good transporting strategy is already half the battle. Here are the best ways to transport rented equipment anywhere in the US.

Best Ways To Transport Rented Equipment

Map it Out

Before you decide on the best way to transport your rented equipment, there are some things that you have to look into before actual transportation.

  • Know the maximum load capacity of your chosen mode of transportation and compare that with the weight of the equipment you want to transport. If there is a large disparity between the two, you can still adjust your plans and choose either a smaller capacity vehicle or a bigger one.
  • You also have to draw out where Point A is (the origin), where Point B is (the destination), and the best route to use to get there.
  • Permits. This applies to large size transportation. Check out what permit is needed for varying sizes of equipment.

Transport Choices

Now that you have taken care of the nitty gritty details, you can then proceed to choose what among the best ways to transport rented equipment you will opt for.

  • By trailer. Using a trailer comes with many advantages. You can choose what size and what load capacity to use. Smaller trailers can be attached to your car.  Bigger ones would need larger vehicles like trucks to pull them along. You can definitely secure your rented equipment by transporting it via trailer.
  • By truck. One of the best ways to transport rented equipment is by truck. This is true, especially for transporting large and heavy equipment. Go for trucks with a flat bed. They are more secure and can accommodate more weight.
  • By train. If your location is traversed by a railroad track, then you’re in luck. You can load your rented equipment aboard railway trailers and claim them from your specified location. Many trailers have been designed to accommodate heavy equipment so size and weight wouldn’t be a problem.
  • By air. If you want things done a little faster, one of the best ways to transport rented equipment is by air. There are size and limitations, however, when you opt for this mode of transportation.

Secure Properly

Now that you know some of the best ways to transport rented equipment, you must also know how to secure them in place during transportation. Here are some tips to do just that.

  • Use chains to tie down heavier equipment.
  • If you do not know how to properly tie down equipment, enlist the services of a professional. Better safe than sorry.
  • Check with your dealer. He/she would have recommendations when it comes to both securing and transporting rented equipment.

Knowing the best ways to transport rented equipment is important to get them where they should be safely and securely. Talk to us and we will help you reach the best decision where transportation is concerned.

Written by Lindsey Rentals. Lindsey Rentals offers the best equipment rentals in Columbia, MO.