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Career Report: Interested In The Position Of A Facility Manager?

When a startup is being formed, its founders usually only want to start with their work, without thinking too much about details. They do not pay attention to the space in which they launch their startup project. However, as the startup is growing, its needs, as well as the needs of its employees, are also becoming more complex. At some point, the whole team has to move to a larger and better equipped office. A large office demands taking good care of different facilities. These tasks should be performed by a facilities manager. But what exactly does this position entail and when is the right time to appoint a facilities manager?

Career Report: Interested In The Position Of A Facility Manager?

When to Appoint a Facility Manager?

Startup founders are often pretty authoritative people. As a result of their self-reliance and the initiative they possess, they have a tendency to bite off more than they can chew. This is why many of them realize too late that they need to change the way they handle their facilities. When you behave like a know-all startup owner, it all comes back to you like a boomerang of responsibilities. All of a sudden, your employees ask you about every single detail about the office and its functionality. From the radiators to the light bulbs, they expect you to sort out every single nut and bolt in the office. This is the right time to appoint a facilities manager. Numerous small business owners usually wanted to do all by themselves at first, only to realize that they needed someone reliable and trustworthy for such tasks.

Recruited from the Outside or Inside?

Once you have concluded you need a facilities manager, you have to decide whether this position should be given to someone from your staff or you will offer the job to a professional manager outside the company. The first choice will give more credits to your employees, especially the one you name the facilities manager. Also, such a person will know all the advantages and drawbacks of the business, as well as the facilities themselves. On the other hand, hiring a professional facilities manager could give the whole startup a touch of professionalism. Probably the least time-consuming and most efficient option is paying one of your employees an additional course to get a degree in facility management. Here you can read more about the benefits of being a certified facilities manager.

Career Report: Interested In The Position Of A Facility Manager?

Facilities to Manage

As a small business is growing, the number of facilities that have to be supervised is also growing bigger. So, your facilities manager has to pay attention to every single part of the building maintenance. From the energy efficiency features, such as the insulation, the basement and attic quality, to the health and safety conditions in the office, the facilities manager needs to find a way to cover all the aspects of the company premises. Of course, it is not expected from him or her to do everything on their own, but to find suitable contractors, as well as the best value for the money. Also, they have to take care of employing the right commercial plumbing services, which ensure that the toilets and the kitchenette(s) are always in order, which is crucial for the company premises.

Career Report: Interested In The Position Of A Facility Manager?

Facility Managers and New Technologies

It would be ridiculous to expect from managers of the 21st century to do everything in an old-school way. This is why today many companies use computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). They are easy-to-install and easy-to-use sets of software tools. Every startup owner and a facilities manager should start using those tools, since they can contribute significantly to the whole process of the management and supervision of their facilities.  

The position of a facilities manager requires a high level of reliability and outstanding organizational skills. However, when a business owner finds the right person for the position, the whole work experience in his or her company will be much more comfortable and less stressful for every single employee. Finally, it will improve the work productivity, too.


  1. Also, if there’s any need, facility managers would be in charge of office relocation, i.e. choosing the right location and making sure it meets the needs of the company.

  2. Hey, excellent article!
    I just want to stress the fact that businesses don’t necessarily need to start thinking about implementing a facility manager when they are growing. Facility manager, in one form or another, is as important for startup as to any enterprise, no matter what size we’re talking about.
    For all businesses that actually have a physical location to look after.

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