Sunday 03 December 2023

Church Community As God’s Answer For Love In The Globe

Church Community As God's Answer For Love In The Globe

These days, God’s holy church gets a lot of stick which is not a new impression. Such ‘popular’ thought has thundered through the minds of many learned persons and into the community square since Christendom was first challenged by modernism (1850s – 1940s) and eventually overthrown by postmodernism (1950s – present).

But, for all its shortcomings, the church truly is the only final answer for a hurting world. It is the only answer, because from time immemorial, it is God’s answer. It can be a contribution for thought: church is the doxology of God on earth. Westside Family Church is committed to sharing the timeless truth of the Bible that’s culturally relevant and practical.

Church Community As God's Answer For Love In The Globe

Church is the answer the hurting individual needs, because it is a community rejoinder in the character of God’s love. God designed people to live in community, but one only survive in safety and flourish on opportunity. Church offers purpose and acceptance.

Church survives to see the hurting healed, the lost saved, the devoted servant serving, the disciple grown, the evangelist preaching the good news. Church exists so that all God’s creations would be found, receive clemency, find purpose within God’s Kingdom, to make every life reckon.

At every stage of life’s journey, church meets every individual. It endeavours to bring a presage of heaven to earth through human beings enabled by the Holy Spirit. Churches are highly grateful and welcome men & women, children to be a part of it’s ministries. Each month, churches warmly, welcomes men to gather together with the universal goals: To own, build, follow and increase in the things of God. This is not it, church also helps young adults to build devout bonds that will last a lifetime and to aid each other find their place in God.

The church strongly believes in socializing, so every church has an event management committee and there are several activities being planned out to make certain that the people that are a part of the church are not feeling left out. You can always refer to Bible, which is the best guide for everyone, if there are things not clear to any human mind. Also, there are church services being operated just a call away or is online. Help people save their generation and themselves from ill doings or sins occurring to them by guiding bringing alertness in them and everyone about religion. Finally, the best deed one can do is have the right attitude towards life and associates and help other people at every stride.

Church is God’s rejoin to a broken world asking the hardest queries of life. Church does not offer packaged or flippant answers, but it attests to broken realities, exceeding them through love itself, accepting many questions are unanswerable, moving on in love beyond the questions to the heart of human requirement.

It is love the world wants. Love is the answer. Love is the healing all long for. And love is found in community. Westside Family Church Lenexa KS knows it is not answers a hurting world wants. It is love the world desires. God’s love, active and living through His Word, empowered by His Holy Spirit, stretch out through His Church.