Friday 12 April 2024

City With A Different Eye

Most of the people find quiet and serene places to be the perfect travel destinations. They go for sea beaches, hill stations, forests but never try to explore the cities. Yes, cities are full of crowd and hustle bustle. But, they are the centre of culture and stories. Each city has a beautiful history to offer, which one can smell in their streets, crowds and cuisines. In spite of the crowds and cars, they whisper into your ears the unique stories they have in store for you. So, why not explore some beautiful cities in India?

Mumbai: The metropolitan and the busiest city in India. It is said that Mumbai never sleeps. But in spite of all the cheers and loudness, the quiet shores of the Arabian Sea and the Marine Drive will make you sit and take rest for a while looking at the endless sea waves. It is the home of the largest number of theatres and studios as it is the dream come true city for all the budding actors, filmmakers, singers and others.

Kolkata: The city of joy and city full of hearts. Once the capital of India, it is still the cultural capital of India. From romantic tram rides to a boat ride at River Ganges make you feel that you have fallen in love with this city. The crowded streets and the narrow lanes breathe full of life here. A birth place of Rabindranath Tagore, Satyajit Roy and many other famous people! Do not forget to dig into the delicious Bengali cuisines served here.

Jaipur: The pink city of India. The beautiful buildings of this city were originally painted in pink in order to keep par with the Mughal Empire structures, which were made of red stones. The elegant city palace of Jaipur is a must visit and one cannot ignore the brave stories of Rajput people, which revolve around the city.

Benaras or Varanasi: The most beautiful and one of the most ancient cities of India. It is said, this city was established long back during 11th century BC when it was named Varanasi. The stunning Ganga River flows through the heart of this city and the ghaats of this city are the most sacred places of Hindus. Some beautiful temples stand beside the river and the evening prayer offering in the river is a gorgeous occasion to witness. Apart from all these, the sweets and sharbats of Benaras are mouth watering.

New Delhi: Not only the capital of India, it is the cultural hub of India as well. The metropolis where art and culture join hands in hands. The city where one sees the elegant Qutab Minar, the beautiful Feroz Shah Kotla, Purana Quila, Red Fort and the stunning Lotus Temple.

When living in a city, exploring a different city may not seem a good idea. But try to look with a different eye. Board your train and visit a new city. Train journeys are smooth, comfortable and they deliver food for train journeys. Visiting a new city can be surprising!