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5 Trendiest Places To Go Clubbing In Sydney

5 Trendiest Places to go Clubbing in Sydney

It is your first time visiting Sydney and you do not plan to spend your nights sleeping in a hotel room. You want to experience the nightlife, to test the loudness of club’s speakers and to see how social Sydney people are. The car is outside the hotel and your buddies are honking for you to hurry up, you have to get going. But where to? Do not spend your nights roaming around the city and waste time hoping to just run into the best club in the city. We did the research on the best places for Sydney nightlife, and here they are.

5 Trendiest Places To Go Clubbing In Sydney

Lansdowne Hotel

Young crowd, live music, and fast rhythms. The place looks like a typical Australian pub, but actually brings some of the best acts in the country. The crowd is relaxed and comprised mostly of locals, university students, people from the gay and the arts community. This very popular live venue has a bistro where you can get some quality pub food (prawns, fish and chips, and steaks) at fairly reasonable prices. Live music is played on Thursdays-Sundays, with various types of events that suit everyone. Take the bus from George Street and up Parramata Rd.

Hotel Hollywood

If you want to go crazy with some old school, funky DJ beat, than this place is the right choice. It is designed in a way to portray the glamour of Hollywood’s past. No wonder, because the owner of the venue is Doris Goddard, a former Hollywood movie star who acted her roles alongside acting legends such as Katherine Hepburn. Live and funky crowds, exquisite Australian beers, the retro design, and local talent showcase will enchant you in no time. It takes a 10-minute walk from the Museum Station or Central Station to get to Hotel Hollywood.

5 Trendiest Places To Go Clubbing In Sydney

Chinese Laundry

Now, this joint is an unavoidable experience when in Sydney. For those who want to let loose, break some sweat, drink and meet beautiful Sydney girls – Chinese Laundry is the place. DJs such as Gui Boratto and James Holden have played their sets here. The club has three rooms, and if you have spent a night there, it probably quite sweaty. During hot summer days, the party moves out in the garden bar. If it is your first time going out in Sydney, and you would like to be in some nice female companionship, do not hesitate to visit the best dance club in Sydney in the company of a graceful escort.

Candy’s Apartment

One of the pioneer clubs of Sydney’s night life. The atmosphere is laid-back, funky, dark, red and underground. It is full of party lovers that enjoy quality hip-hop, house, and electro, while it also supports local DJs and bands. A place like this, where you can party until you drop, should not be skipped. It is located on 22 Bayswater Rd.

5 Trendiest Places To Go Clubbing In Sydney

Civic Underground

A place that keeps putting on the kind of nights to remember. Nights that would make the most renowned European night clubs proud. It is an underground basement club located below the Civic hotel. It is small, but its sound system is a killer one. The venue attracts international DJs that host fantastic, all-night deep house, techno and electro parties.

Your friends are still honking from the car, but now you have some suggestions for them. Be sure to check out some… No, wait, check out all of these great clubs for a wild and extraordinary night out in Sydney.