Thursday 01 December 2022

Cold Rooms and Their Usage

Food storage system has become a basic necessity these days. Almost every home has at least one refrigerator unit to store various types of foods from vegetables to meats. It’s even a mandatory when it comes to food serving or food supply industry like restaurants, catering businesses or grocery stores. These businesses have a huge stock of foods that they need to keep fresh for a long time. But not only for foods, such storage also needed in businesses that have something to do with medicines, plants, and chemicals, because such products also need proper storage in certain temperature.

Nowadays instead of having their stuff stored in several refrigerators, these businesses are using cold rooms, which are rooms specifically built with a cooling system. A cold room makes everything easier to manage, because all the stuff can be put in one place now, they also don’t have to maintain several different refrigerators anymore.

These cold rooms are basically a walk-in refrigerator with a size of averagely around 100 cubic meter, however you can always order a specific size from the cold room manufacturers based on your necessities and the availability of space you have, whether you want it to be bigger or smaller it shouldn’t be a problem. Depending on the items you wish to store in the cold room, you can have cold room that has a typical refrigerator temperature, or you can also have a chiller room or a freezer room, or even a combination of chiller and freezer in one room.

cold rooms

The main idea of having this cold room is to slow down the proliferation of bacteria that can damage the items being stored. The room is built with devices that can help you to monitor the storage system, such as the evaporator that could inform you about the amount of heat exchange within the room, so you can keep it at the proper temperature at all time.

The main difference between this type of storage system with regular storage systems besides its size is because it has to be perfectly maintained in order for it to work properly to preserve the items being stored. Some important maintenance that need to be done regularly are including:

Moss growth control – This has to be done regularly, one way to prevent moss growth is to check for any spillage and remove it immediately.

Avoid accumulated water – Water is your enemy when it comes to cold room, so water leak checks are very important, the door should be regularly closed in order to avoid condensation.

Sensors, alarms and monitors – These devices should be checked regularly to make sure they are properly working. Many things can go wrong if these are not working properly.

Advantages of Cold Rooms

  • Allow you to store a large amount of items.
  • You have total control of the storage system.
  • More efficient in energy usage compared with using several refrigerators.
  • Easy control with automation system.
  • Cold rooms usually have a back up system, so if one fails the other will take over.