Saturday 22 June 2024

Could A Simple Van Offer Your Path To Riches?

I come into contact with numerous successful entrepreneurs on a regular basis and I often note that they have made money in a range of different industries. There are, however, similarities between these individuals that are hard to miss.

They all highly motivated and enthusiastic about the businesses that they operate. They also all work hard and show the desire to continue doing so. What I’m also taken by is the fact that they generally run businesses that I can understand.

Could A Simple Van Offer Your Path To Riches

Keeping things simple

This is something that may come as a surprise, particularly when it seems that so many individuals have made money from building social networks, or creating clever gadgets. The truth is, however, that we all need the basics of life. Those entrepreneurs who realise this simple fact and are able to act on it often end up getting the best results.

It’s why some of the leading enterprises that you have contact with will be selling you food, helping with problems in your home, or ensuring that you have access to heat and water. These are all basic essentials of modern living and the companies providing such services know that they have an established market in place. That gives them a real advantage.

Such an advantage is heightened when we consider the benefits of working within a local area. If you think about the town or village where you live, for example, then you’ll come to realise that the same types of business are often replicated throughout the land. That’s why there are numerous plumbers, builders, cleaning companies, accountants, shopkeepers and solicitors to be found within any area. They are responding to a known level of demand.

Identifying a niche that will work for you

The reason for mentioning a relatively simple approach to business is that I think it’s something that so many people overlook. In a desperate search for the latest clever invention, or for a completely new way of approaching an existing market, it’s all too easy to forget the obvious. It would undoubtedly be a shame to do so, particularly when there’s a clear opportunity available to carve out your own niche.

It’s likely that you already have some skills that are in demand locally. With this in mind, it may simply be a case of thinking about how you can market a suitable service. It’s surprising how many of us are prepared to ignore our own skills, simply because we imagine them to be ordinary. If gardening or plumbing, for example, come easily to you, then you may naturally assume that this is the same for everyone. The reality is, however, that other people would love to make use of those skills.

All of this may sound incredibly easy, but our own industry experience suggests that getting your marketing and advertising right can actually be pretty tough. It’s one reason why we find that many people use, with the clear opportunity to build a business using an existing brand. That can clearly work well, allowing you to make a living, without needing much more than a simple van.

That simple approach could result in you building a business that is able to help with meeting your dreams. It may not sound as complicated as creating the next Facebook, but that’s part of the charm that’s associated with this sort of approach. By keeping things simple, you can establish something that can be scaled up in the future too.

Nick Tubb has expertise in the area of franchises. He talks to entrepreneurs on a regular basis and enjoys sharing his experiences online.