Wednesday 22 May 2024

Courier Your Suitcase As A Parcel To Italy

Planning a holiday to Italy should be part of your whole roving adventure. In your mind, you are already breathing in Paris. You need to book your travelling detail, as well as trying to get tickets to see “The Last Supper” in Milan. What about opera tickets for a performance in Verona? There are lots of preparations because Italy has a lot to offer and you want to make the most of your time there. Worrying about your luggage needn’t be one of them.

Courier Your Suitcase As A Parcel To Italy

Get rid of the Suitcase

Not literally, but mentally you can shove it to the side. Courierpoint has you covered. As one of the most reliable international couriers, we can take your suitcase, i.e. your parcel to Italy for you. You won’t have to lug your heavy luggage with you or waste precious vacationing time waiting for your suitcases to arrive. Take in some sights directly from the airport, since you are not hauling around huge pieces of luggage. If you organised everything through Courierpoint, your suitcase is already safely at your hotel. For this little modern-day miracle to happen, you should be aware of some crucial points.

Delivery Times to Italy

When sending your suitcase to Italy, you have two choices: Courierpoint offers an express service whereby your parcel or suitcase is couriered by air. If your hotel is in one of the major cities like Milan, Rome and Turin, your suitcase will be delivered within a day. For delivery at hotels that are more isolated, you should provide two working days. The other option is to have your suitcase sent by road. Courierpoint will get your suitcase to your hotel within 3 to 4 working days. This is the more economical option, and there is also a fixed price for parcels that weighs up to 20 kg’s. You will be able to track your suitcase as it is collected, routed to Italy and then delivered by international courier. Courierpoint has more specific pricing information.

Keeping Tabs on Your Luggage

Label the tag on your suitcase clearly with your name and reservation number, as well as the date on which you will be arriving. You can inform the hotel where you will be staying that your suitcases will arrive by courier, reminding them of your reservation and expected date of arrival. When your luggage is delivered, it will most probably be kept in locked storage or in a holding box until you arrive. Since it is easy to track online, you can constantly check where your luggage is. Most hotels will have the luggage brought to your room before you could even ask for it. “Buone vacanze”, relax and enjoy your holiday!