Saturday 02 March 2024

Create The Best First Impression With Professional Chauffeurs

Create The Best First Impression With Professional Chauffeurs

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. It is not enough to simply arrive with a driver; anyone who calls a cab can do that. If you want to make that vital first impression count, you need to arrive cool, calm and collected, driven by a chauffeur who is as good at his job as you are at yours.

Clients and executives are loud in their praise of the chauffeur-driven services offered by Parkers Chauffeurs in and around the North East, but are they really better? They may indeed be but lets look at the facts.

The difference with a Professional Chauffeur

There’s a world of difference between a professional chauffeur and a jobbing driver. Have you ever taken a car from the airport, needing to make some final touches to a presentation before you get to your meeting, only to have the driver talk non-stop, making it difficult to work? Chauffeur driven cars in the North East will be a revelation. That annoying chatter is not going to happen with a top-notch professional chauffeur because they are given instructions in advance about how you want to spend your journey. If you want quiet time, you’ve got it. Your chauffeur meets you, greets you, then gives you the space, time and peace you need to get on with your work, according to the preference you’ve stated. You’ll arrive ready for your meeting, not ready to run away from the driver.

Create The Best First Impression With Professional Chauffeurs

Our professional chauffeurs will also impress everyone with their uniform. They are not dressed in Hollywood-style chauffeur outfits. They wear understated business suits, white shirts, and as they work for one of the top firms available, you will probably find a very discreet logo on their tie. If you have colleagues or associates to pick up from hotels en-route, especially if they are people you haven’t met before, your chauffeur will be an expert at managing the whole meet-and-greet and dealing with their luggage, leaving you to say your hellos in a calm and professional way.

You say what Kind of Journey you Want

Not everyone wants quiet journeys. For some professionals, a relaxing non-business conversation is a great way to unwind after an important meeting or conference. A professional chauffeur will have been briefed in advance that you’re happy to chat on the journey and will be able to tell you everything you need to know about local hotels, golf courses, restaurants and interesting places to go, in fact anything about the local area.

Create The Best First Impression With Professional Chauffeurs

Not all chauffeur driven cars in the North East are top-of-the-range models. The best chauffeurs drive the best cars, so choose a Mercedes S class for extra leg room, personal temperature control and fold-down walnut tables so that you can work comfortably.

If your colleagues insisted on bringing their golf clubs, then you will need an E class with its extra-large luggage capacity. Whatever you throw at a professional chauffeur, he will cope and ensure that vital first impression is a great and memorable one.