Wednesday 29 November 2023

CRM In Hong Kong: Welcoming A New Premium Solution

CRM in Hong Kong

Like the rest of the world, Hong Kong businesses have come to a conclusion that the process of customer capture should not be one-size-fits-all. It must be adjustable and adaptable, so that the organization’s employees could improve their approach at any touch point, with due respect to a certain client, their needs and preferences. Intelligent system of customer engagement allows enterprises to build customer trust and loyalty, as well as get an insight into buyers’ expectations and plans. Business process management is an optimal instrument for successful achievement of all these objectives.

CRM in Hong-Kong is represented in the variety of solutions, one of which is bpm’online. This cloud-based product is practiced on a wide scale in different economic sectors. In 2014, this BPM platform was awarded the Gold Stevie Award in nomination of “Relationship Management Software of the Year”. It was also recognized in Gartner’s 2016 Magic Quadrant for SFA and declared as a Leader in the Nucleus Research’s CRM Value Matrix. The software is trusted by thousands of large and medium-sized businesses from all over the world, including Hong Kong and other cities of the People’s Republic of China.

Advantages of Bpm’online for Hong Kong Market

  • The system lets companies enjoy both BPM and CRM functions in the same solution.

Using this platform, enterprises get the opportunity to design, track, and automate their workflows, forecast the buyers’ behavior, and view every customer from a variety of angles. The BPM tools of this system let employees supervise their marketing events, calendar tasks and missions, and measure business results of different projects. Bpm’online solution for CRM in Hong-Kong has a variety of tools that simplify document processing, help managers in business analytics and project measurements.

CRM In Hong Kong: Welcoming A New Premium Solution

  • With bpm’online you can change CRM processes faster than ever.

The platform includes a number of practices for marketing, sales and customer service. Its out-of-the-box tools guide the company’s team through the most effective procedures and let them get the most out of their work. It is not difficult to change the processes within the system – you don’t need to be an IT specialist, as there is no coding required. Enterprises can test the platform, modify its key features, and improve its processes when necessary. There are no interruptions for the users when the system is updated. All this lets organizations modify and test the software without breaking off their daily work.

CRM in Hong Kong: organizational structure

  • This CRM in Hong Kong provides a complete overview of the customer journey.

This BPM solution offers companies a number of end-to-end processes, aimed at management of the overall customer journey. They let sales reps easily manage every step of their potential purchasers, leads, and already existing permanent customers. With bpm’online, enterprises can monitor the customers’ interactions and predict their buying behavior. Businesses get the perfect opportunity to turn perspectives into leads and ready-to-buy clients automatically, without putting any additional efforts.

CRM In Hong Kong: Welcoming A New Premium Solution

  • This software provides easier customization.

Having implemented bpm’online, you get the opportunity to enjoy a complete set of tools for further improvement of your business processes. They will let you add new objects and link them within the system, customize the database without coding, and adjust business logic in accordance with the new market demands. This CRM in Hong-Kong creates RIA interfaces, which can be altered with only a few mouse clicks. The system integrates AJAX and Silverlight technologies in order to make the user interface design processes more practical.

CRM In Hong Kong: Welcoming A New Premium Solution