Tuesday 07 March 2023

Database Administrator and The SQL DBA Test

Relational database management system or RDMS is an administrative structure that is based on relational representation. In such relational representation, facts are represented in terms of rows or tuples.The program is designed in such a way that lets you build, revise, and monitor a database. RDMS consists of one or more objects called tables.The information and the facts collected are stored in these tables. The “create table” command is used to generate a new table.

Scope for RDMS (Relational database management system):

There is a bigger opportunity for RDMS in future because it is cheaper and widely used. There is a huge amount of workforce available as it reduces complications. The small, medium and the big business houses are dependent on SQL. RDMS is not about writing a query but it is mainly used for handling data for an effective use. It is an important technology that is meant to make the complex data more understandable and accessible.

RDMS is the base for SQL or structured query language, and for all contemporary database systems such as MS SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, and Microsoft access. RDMS allows SQL to access the relational database and also allows manipulating the data.

SQL or Structured Query Language is an ANSI (AmericanNational Standards Institute) standard that can implement queries and can regain data from a database. It can select, insert, create, delete, and update files from a database. SQL know how to lay down permissions on tables, events and views.

Database administrators (DBAs) use specific software and programming to accumulate and manipulate data’s in organised manner.

An SQL server DBA is mainly accountable for supervision, installation, and upholding of SQL server database.SQL DBA online test is particularly intended to verify the administrative and database skills of an individual as per work requirement.  The test helps to employ and to evaluate the candidate’s knowledge of SQL before an interview.

 The DBA online test covers the following topics such as:

  • Transactional and relational database
  • Configurations
  • Objects of database
  • Synchronization
  • Transactions
  • Logs
  • Data maintenance
  • Data monitoring
  • Backup and recovery
  • Troubleshooting
  • Storage area network (SAN)

The database test is shaped and evaluated by the subject matter experts (SME) to verify and appraise the individual’s understanding and skills required to perform the task in SQL. The result upon completion of the test is provided with the detailed report so that the candidate can focus on the key area and work better on the weakness. It helps in making a better decision while hiring and the management can foresee the candidate’s performance.

About the Test: The recruiters or the manager test SQL skills and analyse job readiness of the candidate. Hence, the importance is laid on the real work knowledge and not the hypothetical knowledge. The best thing about this test is that it can be customised as per specific needs of the candidate. The question in DBA online test includes the mixture of administrative and hypothetical question to balance and verify the skills in unbiased manner.