Sunday 03 March 2024

Discover Some Great Part-time Jobs In UAE

Discover Some Great Part-time Jobs In UAE

While some part-time jobs require knowledge or skills to perform a function or activity while some doesn’t require any skills. Depending upon the skills some can opt for professional part-time jobs like SEO/ SEM, teaching etc. while jobs which don’t require any skills include babysitting, SMS sending jobs etc. There are many part-time options to choose in UAE and some of its advantages:

Discover Some Great Part-time Jobs In UAE

Advantages of working part-time over full time:

  • Free Time to Pursue Other Projects and Activities: A person who cannot find employment in the field of his choice as he lacks the required academic credentials may elect to work only part-time, this way freeing up the time to spend on taking classes necessary to obtain the professional certification required
  • New Job Opportunities: Working part-time is one of the ways of gaining experience and training in an unrelated field. An employer may not be willing to recruit an inexperienced person on a full-time basis, but he may intend to hire a person on a part-time basis who is showing an enthusiasm to learn the job responsibilities.
  • Reduced Stress Levels and hence Improved Health: Work from home allows people in getting back to their exercise routine which ultimately leads to improvement in overall health.
  • Saving Money on Transportation Costs: As we all know while going to the office we ought to travel via public transport vehicle or personal vehicle both of them consumes time and energy. Those who are working on a part-time basis don’t face such a situation.

How to get part-time jobs in UAE?

The people who are living in UAE they just need to find out jobs but those who are not resident of UAE, they need to follow some steps:

  • They should apply for a part-time work permit
  • Their age should be above 18 years.
  • Employees registered at the Ministry who hold valid labor cards can apply for part-time jobs
  • One of the most important documents for obtaining your part-time work permit is a No Objection Certificate from your existing employer to avoid any problem.

There are ample part-time jobs in UAE for the job seekers. For this, you can easily rely on Monster Gulf for the better opportunities as it is one of the best job portals.