Friday 03 March 2023

Distinguish Yourself: 5 Design Tips to Make Your Store Stand Out

In today’s market, it’s important to establish your store’s identity. If you’re new to town, the design of your store will lay the groundwork of your reputation. Whether you’re preparing to open your doors for the first time or looking for ideas for a store renovation, these five design tips will help you create a memorable look that keeps customers coming back for more.

Use Windows Wisely

Don’t simply prop a few mannequins or products in the window and call it a day. Use the right lighting, colors, textures and buy into seasonal trends to entice passerby and invite people into your store. The window display isn’t just a promotional space – it’s the first impression most people will have of your store, so make sure that you put your best foot forward and use your window display design to showcase your store’s personality and theme.

Choose the Right Lighting

Bright, sterile fluorescents deter customers and make them feel uncomfortable. Aim for warm, soft lighting that creates a sense of comfort and relaxation. If you sell clothing, make sure that your dressing room lights differ from your store’s lighting. Flattering lights will make people feel more confident and excited about what you have to offer.

Offer Amenities

A small table of refreshments and spacious seating will make visitors to your store feel welcomed and comfortable. Allow them to find reprieve in your shop, sitting down and enjoying a glass of fresh lemon water on a nice day or simply charging their phone and using the WiFi. Getting comfortable and feeling taken care of will make people more inclined to browse your merchandise and buy something. This type of experience creates a lasting impression that will have buyers return for more later.

Use the Right Displays

Perspex is an excellent material to use for your display cases. High-quality with a sharp, glossy finish, Perspex boxes will help your products stand out for potential buyers to see. Atmosphere must be cultivated purposefully in retail, so you need to ensure that even your display cases showcase your offerings in the best way possible and entice customers.

Don’t Add Too Many Distractions

Extremely loud music and blaring TVs will make people feel overwhelmed and stressed, causing them to leave your store earlier. You should also ensure that your displays and staff aren’t to “salesy.” Rather than pushing products, promote an experience and demonstrate value. Make it easy for people to access assistance if they need it, but allow your customers to truly immerse themselves in the shopping experience and find the products that resonate with them.

The final touches of your store should be personal and make people feel like they’re connecting with your brand. Consider small touches that feel like “home” to you, and make sure that you go out of your way to design a space that’s both inviting and accessible. Take a look at your top competitors and your own favorite stores for inspiration. By taking note of what sticks out to you, you’ll be able to hone in on the most important details and relay them in a meaningful way to your customers.