Monday 22 July 2024

Ditch the Drab: 4 Tips for Dressing up Your Man’s Casual Style

It’s the weekend and you want to go out to a nice brunch on Sunday morning. You tell your boyfriend to dress casual and when you show up, he is wearing his best grey sweatpants and a graphic t-shirt. Maybe it isn’t that bad, but it can be a hassle if your idea and your man’s idea of casual don’t quite match up.

You can start by buying some clothes to help him match your level of casual. Make sure to casually compliment him on the style and encourage him to wear that kind of outfit more. He will enjoy feeling attractive and looking good while being relaxed. He may even start redoing his wardrobe on his own.

Shorts, know the preference

If you are wearing a sort dress, he might want to wear his favorite shorts. If the shorts compliment a nice button-up shirt they can make a comfortable and fashionable combination. However, if your man likes to wear shorts that go down below his knees, he might need to update his wardrobe to match his current age.

Ditch the graphic tees

Though they have become popular, graphic tees don’t fit into a casual morning out with your date. People associate graphic tees with immaturity and rarely see the fun in a graphic tee. To put it simply to your boyfriend, no one wants to read your shirt.

Wear jeans that compliment his body type

Jeans are commonly accepted as casual clothing. They can even breakthrough casual to being fashionable if they are given a chance. Saggy jeans can make your man look lazy, but snug-fitting bootcut jeans that hug those lower and upper leg muscles can make him look fit and stylish. It also doesn’t hurt if you can show off his rear-end a little bit. The better your man thinks he looks, the better he will dress.

Casual is still comfortable

It is important to remember that casual can still be comfortable. No one wants to go out to enjoy a nice lunch and constantly need to adjust their ties or shirt sleeves. When deciding what to add to your man’s wardrobe, remember that it is important that he feel comfortable. Many brands offer options that look sophisticated but feel relaxed.

Addy Reeds is a freelance writer from Eugene, Oregon. She discovered her passion for journalism while attending the University of Oregon. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook: @addyreeds1;