Monday 20 May 2024

Does Working in the Uber Economy Makes Sense in 2020-2029?

Working in the Uber

These days, we find more and more Uber and Ola cars taking space on roads, taking passengers to their destinations. But, you must also know that the likes of Uber and competitors are constantly upgrading their data science platforms and diversifying the way they hire data analysts, and who they hire. Today, the Uber Economy (consisting of Uber and its competitors and partners) is worth 8 million human heads, and 80 million subscribed users.

If you are in the data science job market, it makes all the more sense to eye a job in the digital cab hailing industry. In this article, I will point out why and how you can make millions within five years of working in the Uber Economy.

Car Hailing Business is all about Customer data

Customer data platforms are invigorating the cab business, much like it has done for the marketing, sales and service industries. Today, companies like Uber and Lyft, are transforming the lives of millions of drivers, passengers, car delivery points, and even eateries with their prompt business delivery model.

Reaching the right place at the right time, in the least possible time — how does Uber Economy continue to be right all the time? Well, it’s the customer data platforms that the data analysts use to design self-learning machine learning algorithms.

From finding the customer on their mobile device, to finding the destination on the Map apps, Uber and folks let these data triangulate with multiple data points, ranging from fare analytics, cab availability, fleet management, and even road traffic and climate data.

AI makes customer data wrangling easy.

Uber Economy means Mobile Dominance

I don’t remember when was the last time I just hailed a taxi by waving at it and getting the ride to home. Whether it’s a trip to airport, or going to my office, or pooling with my friends, Uber Economy would have been an impossible proposition if the app economy hadn’t taken off. Today, Uber has billions of app data points to drive it success.

Data Analytics courses in India are constantly training professionals understand the mobile app dimensions and how it actually pushes the boundaries with AI Machine Learning and Big Data Intelligence.

Pushing the Lid off Driverless Transportation

Yes, we will find more and more self-driving car experience taking the roads. These would take away the trouble few errant drivers unleash on unsuspecting passengers. In a totally mobile POS sytesm, you won’t find conflicts in tarrif rates, behavioral issues, and in countries like India, women passengers harassed and taken to secluded places. Uber Economy will not only have an impact on the way private cars ply on roads, but also how driverless economy could add muscle to sico-economic infrastructure of a fast growing digitally native country like India.

In addition, data analysts in India are also designing new platforms to connect personal mobility businesses to freight, cargo, courier, eateries, dating, and in unique cases, cruise automation.