Saturday 15 May 2021

Dubai Women! Here’s A Clothing Range Designed Just For You

Dubai Women! Here's A Clothing Range Designed Just For You

Dubai has a dress code for men and women based on the respect for their culture and religion Of the United Arab Emirates. Stylish clothes for women in modest designs are the clothing range for women in and visiting Dubai. Women in countries like Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria tend to be very body conscious and glamorous and prefer to wear designer dresses. Of all the places in the Middle East Dubai is the most luxurious for staying and shopping. Most of the world famous brands are available in the malls of Dubai.

The women in Dubai wear the traditional dress of Emiratis. This comes in black color and maybe plain or decorated with embroidery. It is a long flowing gown known as Abaya.

It is quite common for the women to wear western design outfits under the traditional Abaya which is worn as a sign of modesty.

Women also wear head scarfs to cover their hairs fully known by the name of Shela. The material used for these scarfs is very light and normally black but some women prefer to wear scarfs of other colors too. Givenchy or Dior offer designer scarves for the women of Dubai which can be matched to the handbags.

The more traditional women prefer the dress called Gishwa. A black veil covers the face of the woman. The material is very thin and they can look at the world through it, but their face will not be visible to others. The third option of the dress is what is known as Burqa, and only the eyes of the person are visible while wearing it.

Dubai Women! Here's A Clothing Range Designed Just For You

Some of the celebrity-loved and most exciting fashion brands are now coming out of Middle East and particularly Dubai.

Long Skirts and Flowing Dresses

Appearing modest does not have to be bland too. The staple outfit of the women in Dubai following latest trends are long skirts and flowing dresses. Classic designs are being recreated from 50’s and 60’s.

Beautiful long poodle skirts with great designs are a rage. Also, flowing daytime dresses add a touch of modernity and grace to the wearer without looking outdated in dressing.

Long and Wide Length Trousers

The wide length and long trousers are also popular among women. Muslim women of the Middle East are being innovative and making the baggy jeans look trendy.


Hijab which is also the traditional dress of Middle East has become the focus in creating a brilliant modest fashion clothing. Hijabs are offered in a lot of variety from bold colors to finest materials. The scarfs are decorated in a variety of designs.

The modest fashion comes with a strong statement that the size or shape of your body should not be open to the public for criticizing. Muslim fashion designers of Dubai are reminding us that the best-kept secrets in designing the perfect outfits are in keeping the body shape itself a secret. It adds a touch of mystery.


Men and women of Dubai and the Middle East are modestly dressed in their traditional attires. Be it casual clothes for women, working dresses or grand attire for occasions the stress is on modesty. The philosophy behind the fashion designing is to keep the size and shape of your body a secret to the public by not letting them know it by designing flowing fully covered and layered dressing.

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