Friday 12 April 2024

Ease Recovery And Backups For Android Devices

Android system is somewhat similar to operating systems which you found on your PCs. On both the operating systems once you delete a file you can get back the files but its a little different process for both of them. For PCs you can recover your deleted files using recycle bin until and unless you have deleted the files permanently. Whereas, on android its a little big process but can be easily recovered, if you want to recover your deleted files on android then you must check Wondershare’s Dr Fone For Android.

Dr Fone For Android is one of the best android data recovery software available online. This tool enables you with maximum number of features a Android Data Recovery Software can offer to you for the least price. This tool powers a lot of features like it enables you to recover data on your android device as well as it enables you to take backups and save it for later recovery process. The Recoverable data includes messages, contacts, notes, WhatsApp Messages, and App Data rather than only recovering Music files, videos, and some other files like other software’s do.

Features Of Wondershare Dr Fone For Android.

  • Helps you to recover all the data present in your Android Device.
  • Helps you to recover all the data including WhatsApp messages, messages, contacts, notes, documents, audio files, videos and much more.
  • Helps you to recover data in most of the critical condition as well including Accidentally Deleted Data, Broken Screen, Black Screen, Damaged Android Devices, and SD Card Data Recovery..
  • You can easily select the files which you wan to recover though Dr Fone.
  • Easy to use tool, powers you to deal with the 3 simple steps to start and end with recovery process.
  • Supports all the devices, sometimes it might happen that it won’t detect your device automatically for that you need to download your phone’s driver from THE INTERNET and install it on your computer.

Getting Started With Wondershare Dr Fone For Android

Note : Before you proceed for the recovery or the backup process you will need to turn debugging mode ON on your Android Device.

  • At First, connect your Android Device to your computer and let the software detect your Device, if it is not detected automatically you will need to download your phone’s driver from THE INTERNET and install it.
  • Once it detect your device, you will need to select the files which you want to recover on your device or you want to take backup of.
  • After completing the above steps click on start button to start the recovery or backup process.
  • Usually the recovery process take 2-5 hours whereas backup takes 2-3 hours.
  • When the recovery process ends on your phone you will need to restart the phone(its recommended). Now you will be able to see the data which you wanted to recover back on your phone.


To buy Wondershare’s Dr Fone For Android you can visit wondershare’s official website. But before you proceed for buying the tool don’t forget to check the trial version which you can find on the official website of Wondershare.